Tiring days with iPad2

Nowadays, I sleep later and later in the night. It is mainly down to my recent purchase of iPad2. I can’t seriously get off it and every now and then, I kind of need to touch it for a while. Is that some kind of addiction? Most of the time, I will be browsing the app store. The problem is there are so many apps and games and I wonder if I can really play or test them all. Just last night, I came across an app which allows iPad users to watch movies and dramas from around the world. I tested a few clips and it worked great. There is also a PC version of the software and that is also the reason why I actually installed Windows 7 on my MacBook Air. However, I haven’t got the chance to install the software which is called PPSTV.

Now that I have it on my iPad2, I might not install it on my MacBook Air. As said, there are lots of apps but I was having some trouble finding good document scanning services. Most of them require payment while the free ones don’t do a good job.

Well, I must force myself to sleep early start from today. I certainly hope so, even though I have failed to force myself on several occasions previously.

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