Good and bad news

My normal routine at work is usually reading online newspaper during lunch hour. Lately, there has not been much news at all. I mean not many interesting news. The most I read about is how cruel human can be; hit and run cases and one that I read today, eating a baby mouse. I can quite understand why people in the past created war because they simply had not that many things to do. Today, there are so many things a person can do in a day and why there are still people trying out sick act or acting ignorant to just about everything?

Celebrities going in and out of alcohol rehab treatment centers is a norm and it is something that should not be set as an example to young generation. Unfortunately, I have met youngsters who think that the path on becoming a celeb is to learn to party hard and take drugs. How naive? So much so they want to be left alone yet they couldn’t even think straight! One of my college lecturers used to urge us not to be too sad when reading this kind of news. Somewhere in another part of the world, there will be good news and it will never be a case where bad news are more than good news and vice versa.

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