Days with iPad2

Since I bought the iPad2, I find that I have been using it most of the time particularly for social networking, gaming and light browsing. Even though MacBook Air is already almost instant on, which is already quite impressive as it is a laptop, I still find that iPad2 is a joy to use and help me get things faster. As they say, there’s an app for anything. I have started using Twitter actively and iPad2 is a treat. I can tweet and browse tweet in no time. Checking email is also quicker through the mail app where I can check several different email accounts at once. I find it a struggle using Mac OS X mail. Having said all that, I believe that Mac OS X Lion will improve things drastically as it is said to act similar to iOS. I am quite determined to upgrade to Mac OS X Lion when it arrives in July. As said, it costs a lot less than usual OS upgrade. After all, I am always after for the latest and affordable upgrades.

You might be thinking that why do I still need my MacBook Air. Well, there are several reasons. Having a proper laptop is still beneficial. Like right now, I am using Word to type this post. I can plan my next vacation easily as I always prepare a word document with maps and directions. These types of things cannot be done using iPad2. And the most obvious reason is the inability to play Flash! I may be a little extreme now as the next time I travel, I will certainly be travelling with both MacBook Air and iPad2. I don’t really have a reason for that but I just know I have to have them both.

Starting from today, there’s a two-day non-food sale at Lidl. Mee and I went there this morning and gosh, the car park was almost full. Tons of stuffs were on sale; from riding boots and clothing to stationeries and cooking utensils. Most shoppers were able to fill up their shopping trolleys easily. But they didn’t seem to want to miss anything at all and they just kept stacking anything they like on top of their already full shopping trolleys. Mee and I did manage to grab a few stuffs but we just passed on things, which may just clog our room.

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