So many things to do, so little time …

I find myself checking out Twitter almost everyday. I check tweets, follow people from around the world and not to mention I tweet too. Most of my tweets will probably bore people as I mainly tweet about free iPad apps and games as well as anything that comes across my mind. I have recently started to keep tract of my sleep time by tweeting just before I went to sleep. So far, no improvement yet especially when I have just finished typing a blog post but the system failed to save it. I am actually retyping it now. Still, I find Twitter to be a very nice tool as I am able to follow my favourite actresses, singers and well as sportsmen or sportswoman. I am also following my broadband service provider and I am able to tweet questions to them. Surprisingly, they are quite good in replying but most of their reply is redirecting us back to the rubbish call center.

Occasionally, I write articles in Hubpages. Articles are called hubs and writers are called hubbers. You can write just about anything and associate Amazon as well as Google Adsense to it. It’s a great and huge community where hubbers can share their articles, utilising the forum posts and asking questions. There are a lot of great hubbers but it is also said that many great hubbers have left due to the Google Panda Update, lack of quality control and frustration while dealing with supports.

My way of relaxation is movies and games. I have to say that I have watched a lot more movies than before. In the past, I would normally just watch one movie a week. Using the PC to watch a movie is great but to have it running at night, it will be kind of noisy. Needless to say, my Samsung NC10 screen size is too small to really enjoy a movie. Now that I’ve got my MacBook Air with a decent 13” screen, I can watch a movie anytime I want. Since I got my iPad2, downloading games and apps has become a routine. I tend to install almost every games that come across to me as free and delete them if I find them not to my liking. I wouldn’t say iPad is a gaming machine but it certainly has taken gaming to a whole new level!

With all these four things including my day job, I start to question whether or not 24-hour a day is enough. I know that it’s pointless to ask but what will happen if we do get more than 24-hour in a day?

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