Amazon credit card

I recently manage to chalk up a huge bill on my Amazon credit card because of Mee and my upcoming trip to Greece. I didn’t actually think much about the amount of money that we have to pay until I printed out our travel itinerary (which has the price) yesterday. We will be going to Athens and Santorini Island and surprisingly, the flight from London to Athens is cheaper than from Athens to Santorini Island. The former will take around 3.5 hours flight time while the latter will only take an hour. Anyway, I got the credit card bill and on the last page of the bill, it has another same but different statement. The amount of money that I have to pay is the same but there’s zero interest in it. Along the bill, it states zero percent interest until end of the year. Out of curiosity, I called up the customer service and asked about the zero percent interest. After a long conversation and several on hold calls, I finally got my answer. It means that if I were to just pay the minimum payment, I will not be charged any interest until the end of the year. It will also mean that I can separate my bill into several instalments and I don’t have to resort into applying payday advance loans. Payday advance loans work as a temporary loan from the time I apply for it until my payday arrives. It’s good as a type of cash emergency but not really for long term in my opinion. Anyway, I can now enjoy my trip without worrying about the bill!

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