Back from Greece …

Mee and I were back from Greece on Monday night. Everything turned out great while in Athens and Santorini Island. Well, there were few glitches while we were in Santorini Island but overall, it was a really nice island. To me, it seemed that Greek didn’t care about after sales service. As soon as they got hold of the money, some of them didn’t even bother to say thank you while they were all smiles when we were browsing their shops. Having said that, our hotels and the restaurants that we had been to were providing exceptional care and attention.

The demonstration activities that have become more frequent in Greece were my main worry. However, Greece travel advice website is quite good in announcing any demonstrations in advance. While we were in Athens, there were policemen everywhere and we felt safe even at night. The most spectacular sight would be at the Acropolis. The structures there were more complete unlike the others where we could only see a few pillars or only the base of the building with a board describing what the building used to be.

At Santorini Island, we rented a Smart Car. We thought it was the best way to see the island as the bus can be quite unpredictable. In addition, the weather was blazing hot and waiting for a bus in the open bus stands was certainly not an option for us. We managed to see the sunset in Fira during our first night in Santorini Island. The next day, we went to a nearby volcano island and then Oia in the late afternoon, best known for its sunset. Well, I wasn’t that impressed with the sunset and I thought watching the sunset would be quite similar anywhere in the island. However, Oia is a very beautiful town. If I am going to Santorini Island again, I will choose to stay in Oia.

The day after Oia, we drove to the Kamari Beach also known as Black Beach. We literally spent a good few hours there doing nothing at all in our beach wear. We then went to the Red Beach but we stopped half way to take picture of the whole Red Beach view. The other half way to the beach itself looked treacherous. White Beach is just next to the Red Beach but only reachable by boats.

While Athens is just another city, Santorini Island impressed us with the unique buildings only to let us down by some of the unfriendly retailers operating there. At the end of our trip, we still very much prefer our previous trip to Italy.

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