Compost tumbler

I always like to look at household products, dreaming a day when I will have my own property called home. That way, I will have some idea of what kind of household products to purchase in the future. As I am an IT person, I always look out for innovative and high tech products. Looking at my shared rented place at the moment, my housemates’ wastes are incredible. They always like to leave a bit of everything on every meal they cooked.

One day, I saw on the newspaper’s article encouraging the community to be responsible when it comes to waste and it introduced the compost tumbler. The local council charges a rental fee to anyone interested in one. I did manage to talk to my landlord about it but he said that it’s one of those things that look good on appearance but not practical. It attracts mice and insects as we have to leave the food wastes inside the tumbler for several days or weeks even for them to compost.

I just thought to myself, if there’s a problem with it, surely they could have come up with a better product to prevent the mice and insects. And today, I saw an internet advertisement about Spin Bin compost tumbler. It stays off the ground and it is made from recyclable materials. Problems solved but it comes with a price as the local council only has the standard compost tumbler. Well, it’s never easy to be environmental friendly and the cost is one of the factors that often puts people off.

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