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I am in a nice and cool environment at the moment as my colleagues have switched on the air conditioning unit. Outside the office, it is bright and sunny. My mobile phone is showing me 24 degree Celsius while my desktop is showing 23 degree Celsius. I do believe that it feels hotter than that outside. Just yesterday, the heat was unbearable as I drove back home from work. I had to turn on the air conditioning of my car and I believe that I have to do the same today.

Last Saturday, I booked in my car with Kwik Fit for tyres change. At last, my car is free of Avon tyres which were absolutely rubbish and expensive. I wonder why the previous owner liked Avon tyres so much, judging by the bills that come with the car when I bought it. The new UniRoyal Rain Expert tyres are so much quieter and they have improved the handling. I am not holding much hope unless they still perform several months later.

My other blog, All My Reviews has been down for several weeks now. I wonder what’s happen to the hosting site. They don’t seem to have a solution and all I heard from them is hard disk failure. Luckily, I didn’t pay extra for additional service. Someday, I need to think of another place to host this blog or maybe a backup site in case something happen.

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