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Over the last few years, I have been working in an environment where there are more women than men. I suppose women are more considerate than men and whenever there’s a person’ birthday coming up, there will be dozens of birthday cards as well as birthday presents. For women, the presents are a bit easier to find compared to men. Men’s gifts tend to be more expensive. Though women’s gifts can be very expensive, there are always cheaper alternatives. Like me for example, I prefer gadgets and a normal tablet would cost around £400. Ladies handbags on the other hand range from £10 to as much as a few thousand pounds or even higher. For a lady earning an average salary, cheaper handbags will be for daily use while more expensive handbags would be for special occasions. I guess what I am trying to say is that I have recently found a website that’s selling all types of gift ideas ranging from boyfriend gifts birthday ideas to even plants and flowers. Now, at least that’s one problem solved for anyone who have trouble trying to think of a gifts for the friends or love ones.

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    I am giving these to just a few people, like mother-in-law’s friends who are always thoughtful and send my son cards and get him little gifts. For my family, it’s different. I just can’t afford to spend a lot on people we aren’t close to but who we are expected to give to.

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