WordPress and advertisement

I recently opened another personal blog with WordPress. The administration configuration page certainly looks better than what I have at the moment with this blog. In addition, my current web host doesn’t look stable and their service is getting worst. Hence, I am quite tempted to move this blog over to another hosting site and then transfer the posts here over to the site while keeping the domain name. It sounds simple but there is no easy way in transferring all my blog’s posts to WordPress.

I might be able to get away the complicated stuff by just moving to WordPress without moving to a new hosting site. However, that would mean I am most likely to lose all the advertising stuffs. Strictly speaking, WordPress does not allow its users to do any sort of money making related stuffs unless the site is hosted on our own and just utilising WordPress software.

It’s good in a sense that it will be pure blogging. But that is also the reason that I started writing another personal blog. This blog will continue as it is while the new one will be just pure blogging. Both blogs are personal blog and it’s really difficult at times as to determine which one to publish which posts. Somehow, I manage it just fine so far.

Referring to advertisement, I recently spotted an advertisement about adult diaper at disposablemedicalexpress.com on my blog. It’s a little bit rare but it reminded me of my grandmother. She was too old to manage things herself and therefore, she had to use adult diaper. I suppose there were not many types available in Malaysia back then but after browsing the advertised website, I was intrigued by the types of products available to help elderly through their difficult time. Every time I browse my blog, I will always look at the advertisement. Even though they are somehow displaying relevant information according to my posts, which is clever, somehow there will be some odd ones once a while.

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