Dead battery

Just weeks after getting two new tyres, my car’s battery went dead yesterday. Therefore, more money but I was lucky that my colleagues offered to help take a look to make sure that it really was the car battery. I was also kind of lucky that the car was parked at home when the battery went dead. So, in a way, it’s good because Mee and I were not left stranded in the middle of the road but it’s bad because my breakdown cover policy does not include home start. We took a bus to work and we were late by half an hour. It has been quite a while since I last got a bus ride. And it was raining.

Anyway, my colleagues jumped started the battery and I drove to the office so that they could arrange a new battery installation for me. While they were taking a look at my car, some guy came over and asked if they do motorhome repair not knowing that they are my colleagues instead of some call-out mechanic guys. Well, the answer was a straight “no”. Money spent and everything is good now. Even the remote central locking is working well at the moment. Before that, I have to press a few times to unlock the doors. Sometime, I have to use the car key because the remote just don’t work.

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