HP Touchpad Fire Sale …

At the moment, one of the hottest topics is about HP’s decision to discontinue its WebOS development, which effectively terminates its tablets production as well as Palm mobile phones. The decision actually shocks the technology world even though the WebOS is yet to be a worthy competitor to Android and iOS. Still, many were eagerly waiting for HP Touchpad and Palm Pre mobiles when they were first announced. And to many, WebOS is different but in a good way. I have never used WebOS before but expert reviews have made me believe that it can be big.

In US, there were already speculations about a huge discount on HP Touchpad where the 16GB model will be priced at US$99. The speculations were correct though retailers and e-retailers do not seem to have the stock. They might not even have any stock in the first place and reducing the price might just be a tactic to lure customers to visit their site. I didn’t hold much hope for UK market but I just found out that HP Touchpad is selling at £89 and £115 for 16GB and 32GB respectively a couple of hours ago. Well, of course they are all out of stock. I would love to grab one when they become available.

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