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TiVo box

I still remember the first thing I said when we first got our TiVo box. I said that the recording functionality is something that will be useless to me. To date, I have used up to 70% of the hard disk space of 500GB. I have to delete some recorded shows once a while just to have more space to record some other shows. At one point, I used up to 90% of the hard disk space and it made the whole TiVo box navigation sluggish.

Actually, I have a habit of recording shows and watch later. That way, I can skip all the advertisement. Depending on the time of the show, some advertisement like the payday loan and insurance can be so annoying. At times, they are more about upcoming shows or denon at guitar center or sale. Anyway, I still prefer skipping all the advertisement and continue watching a show. Sometimes, I don’t even know why I am recording shows that I already have on my portable hard drive. I guess I can access them easier with TiVo.


As I am currently working in the web department, we are also in charge of the college’s intranet and homepage. The end of the academic year is approaching, the marketing department now is trying to put up banners and advertisement in order to attract new learners. As the contract with the banner printing company is coming to an end, the marketing department is also trying to find new wholesale vinyl banners providers so that they could compare the types of service as well as the cost. What the marketing department comes up with the design of the banners and advertisement will have to be reflected in the website design too. My manager and I are kind of hoping that there won’t be too much changes to make as we have quite a lot of other things to do. I, on the other hand, have to support my old department every now and then. In theory, I am still not working exactly full time in the web development department.

Cheap web hosting

I remember saying that whenever you see a company advertises on either newspapers or tv stations, they are probably making money. In other words, advertisement is not really for the poor. Recently, I saw a lot of advertisement on a website hosting company. When I was asked to quote to develop a website, I did look at the company and the way it sold its product was really impressive. Easy to use and you don’t have to worry about hosting and domains. It’s all about free website builder free hosting. Websites created can be easily amended and there are lots of layouts to choose from. However, after searching for reviews on the website, there are not a single good review about it. I guess the price is what attracts people. Imagine that you can have a website ready and go with little web programming knowledge and it only costs less than £10 per month. With prices from £0.99, you can have your own domain too. In addition to these, you can trial it for 30 days, though 12 months contract applies if you forgot to cancel.


Mee and I bought our wedding rings from a shop called Beaverbrooks the Jewellers. Since then, we have also bought several watches from them as they have the best price and seemingly good customer service. There are about 5 -6 jewellers other jewellers in the town centre and I don’t seem to remember going into any of them other than window shopping. Beaverbrooks the Jewellers is like the first shop we will go. Hence, every year, we will receive a mail from them with a mysterious gift card from them with prizes from £25 – £1000 pounds which we can find out by go online and enter the code. We always get £25 pound value of gift card and it’s only valid for a couple of months.

This year though, we received a mail as well as an email with added information such as the slane jewelry and similar items to what we have bought from them before. As usual, I just ignore them as I haven’t got anything to buy. I have lost hope on watches that need batteries and I don’t wear lots of jewellery or blings. I have about 4 watches here that are in need of new batteries and it is so expensive to bring them to watch shop for batteries change. I was once quoted £35 for a battery change for my £85 Emporio Armani watch. That’s almost half the price of the watch! It’s just not worth it, isn’t it?

Flight booking

While booking for flights, Mee and I tend to look for the cheapest option. It worked in the past but it seems quite different when booking for flight between Australia’s cities. The time can be crucial and the cheapest option always gives either a very early flight or a very late flight. Needless to say, you have to pay more to get the best time; not too early and not too late. Another thing to add to my previous post’s list is that some hotels in Australia charges customers who plan to leave their luggage at the hotel after check out. Anyway, while booking a flight, there’s always this carbon footprint optional charges which I never quite work out what is it about. There was a link underneath there when I was booking for flights within Australia, which I thought it would bring me to a site where it explains in details but it turned out to be some advertisement about hydraulic power units at DFTCorp.com. I gave up in the end but basically, I am just to lazy to find out. And my initial thought has always been that there wouldn’t be many people who are willing to tick something that’s optional and going to add more cost into the booking.

TV commercials

I don’t always like to hear when people say that they hate something. I prefer the word dislike. However, I have to say that I hate watching TV adverts from noon to around 5pm or 6pm. During each commercial breaks, there are always a couple or more adverts about injury lawyer and loan (as I call licensed loan shark). Those loan or payday companies can charge a rate from 2,000% to 3,000% APR written in small print in the adverts. I just can’t believe that they are allowed to advertise and it’s almost like daylight robbery. Initially, I thought that TV adverts have become more and more clever in showing relevant advertisement to relevant TV programs that we are watching. Apparently not. I remember watching Death Race starring Jason Statham and one of the advertisement that was shown was about santa barbara drug alcohol rehab treatment center. I can kind of link it to the movie but certainly not the location. Or maybe it was an American movie. Well, I am confused. Maybe I should rest my eyes during commercial breaks instead.