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Long Time

It’s been a while and trust me, I know it. I wanted to get back to blogging but it’s fair to say that I am just lazy; pure lazy. On the other hand, I haveĀ a lot on my plate too. Mee has given birth to our lovely baby boy back in June last year. 21st June 2016 to be exact and his name is Mason. Needless to say, we spend most of our time with him while figuring out the whole parenting things. Our families and relatives are in Malaysia and we have to do most things ourselves. I have a sister in UK but she does not live nearby. We were very lucky to have Mee’s mum over for about two months when Mason was born. Since then, we had gone back to Malaysia once and it was a bit of a nightmare flying with Mason. It’s a lesson to learn but kids, they grow so quickly and the next time we go back to Malaysia, he will most probably be acting differently. I shall go into the details in my other posts.

The first time I logged into my blog, which is powered by WordPress, I was greeted with a new interface. The first page it showed me was all the blogs that I was following. And the very first blog post was about a closure of a blog that I followed. Guess what was the reason the blog closed down? The author has twins and she couldn’t manage doing blogging and caring for the twins at the same time. It’s a shame but you have to do what you have to do.

My sleep pattern was very different because it all depends on the Mason’s growth. As I mentioned, they change all the time. When you thought that they are on a schedule and you are kind of relax, they change and you have to adapt quickly. Touch wood, it has been quite plain sailing at the moment. My minimum sleep time is currently four hours and I get six hours on a good day. I wake up around 2am to 3am and I spend the time playing online game, watching tv dramas and practising xiang gong. At 645am, I will be getting ready to work and also getting Mason ready for the day. As for my PS3, it hasn’t been turned on for almost a year, same as our TiVo box.

I have always said that playing games and watching tv dramas or movies are my way of releasing my stress and it has worked quite well for me. I may not express any stress that I have and to be honest, I don’t think I have any stress from work but you don’t know what you don’t know and we can’t just assume everything. Playing games and watching tv are things that I always look forward to.

Not Too Long

Well, it doesn’t seem to be that long since I last posted something here. A lot of things have been going on and I just hasn’t got the time or mood to post. I thought it must have been about six months since I last posted. Surprisingly, it’s not even two months. With all the gadgets that I have, I seem to have become less excited in blogging.

When I first started blogging with just shared computer, I wish that I could have a laptop. When I finally have enough money to buy a netbook, which was great for blogging by the way, I still failed to blog more often. Not long after, I complained about my netbook being slow. Well, it’s more about Windows being slow rather than the netbook itself. I bought a MacBook Air. It starts up in less than 5 seconds and I still failed to update my blog as much as I like.

Then another question popped up. It would be great to have an iPad. It’s portable and WordPress has an app for it. It will be faster than my MacBook Air. Posting from an app, how cool would that be at that time. Still, it’s no answer to my blogging habit. In fact, I don’t think I ever posted anything using my iPad.

Another question popped up. iPad doesn’t have a 3G connection. That means I cannot post anywhere I like. My HTC I just too slow. I have to have an iPhone. I bought one. The worst case now is that I post less and less with all the gadgets I have. Maybe blogging is an excuse for me to get new gadgets? To be quite honest, I am not sure what other gadgets I can get now by using blogging as an excuse.


I haven’t been blogging for almost a month. It sounded like a long time, which it really is, but I don’t remember it for being that long. In fact, I have not been using my Macbook Air for a couple of weeks now! What have I been doing? I have been quite busy working and the moment I come home, I just want to eat my dinner and rest on the sofa. It’s something that I haven’t been able to do for the past 6 or 7 years. Hence, I will be either watching TV or playing PS3.

Initially, I thought I would be going crazy on PS3 but I don’t. I can control the time I play and I can stop anytime I want or not even switch it on at all. I think it has something to do with age. I don’t think I will be able to control myself if I had a PS3 or some sort 10 years ago. Right now, I am playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 and it’s getting quite exciting now that I got the hang of it. Still, Final Fantasy VII has the better gameplay and story, maybe not graphic.

Blogging …

I used to think writing a blog is easy. But nothing is every easy. You have to have a theme to write about and being me, I just talk about anything. Hence, my blog’s rating is not as good as I like. I like technology stuffs especially games and I like movies too. Hence, I started another blog to write all relevant reviews while keeping this blog as my sort of gossip blog. Soon, I find it tedious to handle both and I ended up writing everything here.

I am quite a conservative person when it comes to posting things online. I have a Facebook account that I don’t use much. I used to post a lot once a while but nothing too personal. Hence, I think it’s quite difficult for me as well when it comes to blogging. I don’t do a lot of photos as well as I just feel a bit odd. Maybe I am not that confident myself.

Being the normal me in front of people, I somehow feel a lot more confident compare to when I am blogging. People normally feel the opposite because when blogging, you are almost anonymous if you want to. Maybe that’s just me.

Critical month

It’s the end of 2012 and Mee and I are in a somewhat awkward position. After this month, it’s either stay in the UK or leave the UK. I believe that we still pretty much want to continue living here but the ultimate decision is not ours. While I am pretty confident and optimistic, I do believe that we always have to prepare for the worst in every matter. Even then, there’s a lot of things going on in my current workplace and most of the time, I feel quite stress out. Well, it’s not all bad things that’s happening in my workplace. Provided that we can still live in the UK after this month and with a little bit of luck and more effort, I believe that Mee and I will be two very happy persons.

Anyway, I am still stress. I cope stress by being lazy when I am at home. I just play games, watch movies and sometimes, blog. I do have to work from home at times but that’s just stressing me out even more.

It’s been about one and a half year since I last went back to Malaysia. I can’t say that I miss home. I think my work has taken away my focus and thoughts about other stuffs. Sometimes, I can’t help but to think what I am going to do at work the next day. The work is never-ending and if I don’t plan ahead, it will be difficult to cope. My not so new manager has been with us for months already. At first, he has tons of ideas but deep down, I don’t think many of them will work. It did work for the first few weeks but then, it’s now going back to our usual way. In fact, I feel that it’s worst because most of the tasks that he received are always considered as top priority but he never thought about the tasks that I have in hand. He asks to let him know about any tasks that come directly to me and he will then decide. So far, a few tasks later, I don’t hear anything back from him anymore.

Enough about me. Mee has been asking me about when we can go back to Malaysia. Well, it’s definitely not this month and I don’t think I can go away in November. Flight ticket will be expensive at this time anyway. Hence, realistically, it will be next year. An all staff email has come out today to inform staffs about the holiday policy and I haven’t gotten the chance to look at it yet.

Hmm.. I will be quite interested to look at my brother’s house as he has renovated it about 8 months ago. I wonder if he still keeps the table fountain and I will be interested to see his front porch and kitchen too.

Woes …

Time flies … I always like to use those two words. In fact, I almost forgot about this blog. I only thought about it when I was taking shower last night. I feel bad. Anyway, I didn’t update this blog that frequently because a lot of things happened and I am very busy with my work. The shocking news, though not really shocking, is that my manager has since resigned. He will leave the company early March and no one knows what will happen then. A lot of staffs have been put at the ‘at risk’ category. I am still fine because we are actually short staffed. No one can actually do my work at the moment, hence, I am still safe. That goes the same with my other colleagues in my department. Well, we are in the same department but the works that we do are totally different.

I have changed my daily habit quite a bit minus the late sleeping part. I am still trying to coach myself to sleep early but it’s always until midnight where I start to get all energetic. I have started to take shower before having dinner. The vacuuming routine has changed from Sunday to Monday instead. Mee and I have started attending gym classes during weekend; Body Balance on Saturday and Zumba on Sunday. Well, Zumba is only for Mee as I am not interested. I will just be in the gym area doing free weights stuff. We used to also go to the gym on Tuesday as Mee attended aqua fit class. However, the pool has closed since before Christmas and will only be opened next week. Hence, we have been staying at home all this while on every Tuesday.

Right now, Mee and I can’t wait until our booked holiday period. The last time we went abroad was almost four months ago and it seems like forever. This time, we are quite ambitious as we will be going to Australia and possibly New Zealand. Mee has a couple of friends living in Australia and we could save quite a bit in the accommodation side of things. In addition, my uncle and his family lives in New Zealand, hence, we will most probably be going there and stay at his house for a few days while sight seeing.