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Christmas is getting closer. At work, you can hear Christmas songs and musics playing repeatedly in some departments. Even the all male IT department has got a medium size Christmas tree and dozens of Christmas decoration items. On TV, all sorts of retailers regardless big or small have started advertising. I guess it’s sort of a final push as the week after next is Christmas! Even Apple has its iPod advert rolling almost every hour. The new iPad Mini app is also kind of cute when it uses Garageband app to make the introduction. Microsoft too has its Surface tablet advert accompanied with interesting combination of music styles. And of course, gaming; PS3, Nintendo Wii and XBox. Games about music, such as Zumba, seem to be quite popular nowadays. On very rare occasion, we also see software advertisement such as the top ableton live and antivirus software. Anyway, surely anyone will be using Christmas as an excuse to buy whatever that they want.

Only one thing

Christmas is around the corner but it getting pretty near as we speak. However, there’s only one thing in my mind at the moment, my new car. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I am just hoping that everything will be fixed properly by the time Mee and I go to pick it up on Thursday. To be honest, I am not really sure if I will be that excited should we choose other cars such as Renault Clio, Peugeot 207 or even Ford Focus. I have seen their specifications and they are quite a basic car. Toyota Auris, on the other hand, has quite a few things that not many cars have. For one, I can’t wait to test the Stop and Start technology. Don’t be mistaken with the keyless stop/start engine technology. The Stop and Start technology is where the engine will switch itself off when the car is stationary, like stopping at the traffic light. The engine switch itself on when it’s ready to move. Initially, I was thinking of what will happen when there’s traffic jam. Wouldn’t the engine keep turning itself on and off all the time? Well, the engine will only turn itself off when it’s in neutral and will turn itself back on when the clutch is fully depressed. Cool, isn’t it?

It’s a shame that it doesn’t have the keyless entry system though.

The air conditioning system has automatic control. The control for the passenger’s side is separate from the driver’s side. Mee is always cold cold cold while I am always hot hot hot. Hence, I can turn down or switch off my air conditioning without affecting Mee and vice versa. In addition, the Toyota Auris comes with a six-speed gear box which I have never driven one before. It will be kind of exciting at first. I can’t imagine my daily travel to work will require me to use the sixth gear. Other than these, there’s the digital display which will tell you when it’s best to shift up or shift down as well as a multi information display which I haven’t figured what it does other than displaying the temperature, clock and date. I think I am even more excited than picking up other gadgets that I have owned.

Anyway, I haven’t replied my colleague’s email regarding the Christmas menu and I haven’t heard them mentioning about the Secret Santa. As Toyota Auris is almost the only thing in my mind until Thursday, I guess I still have time to shop for the Secret Santa this weekend. The easiest way would be to follow the link to click here for Navy challenge coins. No one would know who bought the presents anyway. That’s why it’s called Secret Santa.

Food processor

Mee’s mini food chopper is dead. She bought it from our previous trip to Malaysia. I can’t say it’s the best mini food chopper but I certainly would not buy that. But it’s really cheap. Well now, she is in search for a food processor. I guess a proper food processor will really save a lot of preparation in cooking. I become a very lazy person whenever Mee asks me to prepare the food for her to cook. A food processor would have save a lot of time. I always say that sleeping is a waste of time though essential. Cooking is one of the things which I will say it’s a waste of time for me. But for Mee, it’s almost like one of her hobbies. She can stay in the kitchen for hours while I can’t wait to get back to our room.

Having said all that, she cooks for us and it’s my responsibility to prep the food anyway. But a food processor is certainly welcomed. Since it’s coming to the end of the year and we are in no rush to purchase one, I believe that Mee will wait for Christmas sales! Yeah, it’s too early to talk about Christmas but time flies and before you know it, it’s another year.

Birthday …

This is going to be a bit stupid, I think. It’s 6th March today and if you look at it the other way, it would have been my birthday, 3rd June. Anyway, things haven’t gone quite smoothly this year. A lot of worries and troubles. As I posted earlier this year, the first thing we got when we came back from our Christmas holiday was the rent increase. As everyone says, everything has been on the rise except the salary. If only I were, …. that’s not going to happen easily, is it?

Hmm… I wonder what I should get for myself this coming birthday. Is the new iPhone ever going to come out by that time? Tomorrow is the so-called iPad3 launch event but it would also be great if Apple gives a little hint on iPhone, though I doubt it. I would be interested to see iPad3 but I won’t be excited because I already have iPad2. I am not as high as to sell my iPad2 in order to get iPad3 or even purchase iPad3 to have it side by side with my iPad2. Enough said, I am not that rich.

I kind of in need of a new mobile phone. Might be able to persuade Mee to get myself a new mobile phone on my birthday. The truth is, it very much depends on our bank account balance and which phone to get. I have several in mind but still unsure. Maybe it’s time to hit the mobile stores in town and play around with latest mobile phones on display!

Normal schedule resumes …

It’s the first week of work and time seems to go very fast. It’s already Friday tomorrow and I hope that I will be able to rest more than usual this weekend. Well, you might be thinking that I should have rested a lot during the Christmas and New Year holiday but in fact, it’s busier than before. In the past, I would only be busy for the first couple of days after Christmas, that was to accompany Mee to sales in London. After that, we stayed at home most of the time or even when we were at our sister’s place, we would not go out very often. We shopped less this year, a lot less. However, we were at our sister’s place for a week and we basically went out every day; shopped a bit, window shopping and ate a lot.

When we arrived home, we saw a letter from our landlord. Our rent increased by more than £60 per month. That’s really a lot considering our pay rise is a lot less than that. By the way, I don’t even expect in getting a pay rise this year. I know that the landlord never increases our rent since we moved in. However, we would really appreciate if he increases the rent gradually rather than the £60 immediately. We had a discussion and hopefully, he will change his mind.

The weather has turned cold since coming back from my sister’s place. Oddly but not, it is still bright and sunny in the afternoon.

Mee and I also started our first gym class yesterday. It was body attack. The class was full of people. Every evening classes that I look now are almost fully booked, even for next week as members are allowed to book 7 days in advance. The spinning class that I usually go to on Thursday is now fully booked. The body attack class for next week has only 4 spaces left. I havent’ booked it yet as we might change our mind and go to body pump which is the next class. I guess, we will only be doing Pilates for today.

More gifts

Each year, the sales pattern changes. Even though the economy is reported to be not very good, I don’t really notice the difference in people’s spending power. The sales actually didn’t stop even on Christmas day. Online stores are opened 24 hours a day throughout the whole year. As with all the advertisement said, the sales start 25th December 2011.

I remember that Mee and I went to an outlet shopping place in Oxford last year and there were people queuing outside almost each of the stores, even outside a cigar gift store. On another note, it was snowing and freezing. I bet it was very different the same day this year. As the weather was a lot better, there might be a lot more people. I wonder if there will still be sales when we return from my sister’s place.