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Fitness Band

Before, I was not interested in fitness band at all. It was until recently, the week leading to Black Friday sales to be precise, when I saw the Fitbit Flex 2 on a 50% discount. I started to read its specifications and discovered a silent alarm feature. It is actually quite a simple function where it vibrates to wake you up. To tell you the truth, I have been carrying my phone to sleep; set it to aeroplane mode, set and mute the alarm so that it only vibrates. Well, I have a 5.7″ Nexus 6P and it is not really an ideal alarm clock to be carrying while I sleep.

Fitbit Flex 2
Fitbit Flex 2

At 50% discount, the Fitbit Flex 2 is still quite expensive at £30 – £40. It does not have a screen and only a number of LED lights as indicators. Hence, the search for the cheapest and best fitness band begins.

It’s around Black Friday period when I started looking for any deals. I thought there would be a lot but there were not. Withings had a few Fitness watch products on sale and they were still quite expensive to me, priced at more than £70. The best price was their Withings Pulse OX at £40, which was at 50% discount. I always quite like Withings products as I thought they are quite innovative. At one point, I almost bought their Withings Home Network Surveillance Camera. I considered for a long time and finally decided that we do not actually need it.

Withings Pulse OX
Withings Pulse OX

Anyway, my purpose of having a fitness band is to wear it almost 24/7 and utilises the sleep tracking function. So, wearing Withings Pulse OX while at sleep does not seem like a good idea as it looks quite bulky. Hence, the search goes on.

I know that my brother has just got a new Xiaomi Mi Band which is like the Fitbit Flex and it is a lot cheaper than Fitbit Flex. I then started to search for Chinese fitness band products. There are lots of them. It turns out that they have launched a new Xiaomi Mi Band 2 back in June.  It is a basically like a Xiaomi Mi Band with a screen and enhanced Heart Rate monitor.

Unfortunately, Xiaomi products are not officially sold in UK. The easiest way to find them is through eBay and Amazon. However, it is difficult to find trusted seller as there are already fake Mi Band products in the market. Basically, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is priced around £30. It could be cheaper on China’s official websites but there could be tax added when the item arrived in the UK.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2
Xiaomi Mi Band 2

I believe this Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is actually what I want. It is cheap and it is small and it should be quite comfortable to wear it in bed. I have been watching reviews and most of the reviewers commented that they did not even feel like they were wearing it after some time. I shall do a little bit more research into Xiaomi Mi Band 2 although I am quite certain this will be the product for me, unless Fitbit magically reduces all its products to half price or more.

Playstation accessories

Before I bought the Playstation 3, I was already looking at the accessories such as the Playstation Move, steering wheel, Playstation eye and the likes. They are still quite expensive even though the new Playstation 4 is already out now. However, I believe that I can find them cheap in the second hand shops or eBay even. On the other hand, the games that utilises these accessories aren’t that many. I read somewhere that you need quite a big space to use Playstation Move. I am actually quite interested in Time Crisis 4 which comes with a G-Con gun. I have longed to play games like Time Crisis 4 on a console or PC but using a gun accessories.

As I mentioned earlier, I can find these Playstation accessories on eBay, though not easily and I wonder why. Surprisingly or not, music accessories are quite easy to find. I guess lots of people play Guitar Hero instead of sports game. One of the items on sale were beginner flute and it was sold by a seller in Hong Kong. I kind of doubt that Playstation has that kind of accessory although the photo looked quite convincing.

Diablo II …

Just a couple of days ago, Mee spotted some iPad2 casing on discount. They were really cheap and I was quite interesting in getting one. However, I somehow told myself not to get one just for the sake of getting one. I went through Amazon, eBay and Play.com. The prices were attractive but the cases didn’t fit for my purpose. So, why waste the money and space when I already have one.

Anyway, while browsing, I saw a huge advertisement about Diablo III. The problem that I have now is whenever I see something about games, I will be thinking whether or not there will be a version of it in iPad. Sadly no. It costs about £35 for a Mac version of Diablo III but I am not even sure if my Macbook Air could run it properly. In the end, I went for the alternative. I downloaded a copy of Diablo II, installed Windows XP on my Macbook Air using Parallel and Diablo II runs effortlessly.

Diablo II

The version of my Diablo II comes with Lord of Destruction expansion pack and it’s patched up to v1.13. The game itself only supports 800X600 resolution which looks small on my Macbook Air. I turned to the Google and it found an answer for me; D2MultiRes. It didn’t work out of the box as it only supports up to v1.12. Some Korean guy posted his own version of resolution hack for v1.13 but it all seemed a bit complicated. I was determined to get D2MultiRes working and hence downgraded from v1.13 to v1.12. I don’t suppose there’s a huge difference between the two.

Once downgraded, I was able to use D2MultiRes to run Diablo II and pumped up the resolution to 1440X900. It was superb. I guess there will be hours of gaming ahead!

iPod Nano as my watch

As discussed in my previous posts, although not in detail, I kind of decided to gamble on Lunatik Multitouch watch strap for iPod Nano. I said gamble because I found out that it is cheaper to buy at eBay. Actually, a lot cheaper. The retail price is at £69 while eBay is selling only around £25 at most including postage. And it is delivered from Hong Kong. The price is a little bit hard to believe and that’s what I am going to gamble. It’s always a hit and miss sometimes when doing deal at eBay but I do hope it’s a hit for me this time.

Anything thing about it is that Lunatik Multitouch watch strap looks bulky but it offers protection to iPod Nano. I am just a bit worry that it might look huge on my wrist. I tried to imagine it but comparing the measurements to my normal watches but who knows when it comes to seeing the real thing. Overall, I kind of make the decision to use iPod Nano as a watch and it makes a perfect Christmas present for myself too!

eBay is almost always the place where I can find things which I couldn’t find at sites like Amazon or Play.com. However, this time, it’s harder to find Lunatik products than necklace extender products! I can’t imagine that a product that popular in US can’t easily be found in UK! Well, having said that, after a trip to Hong Kong early this year, I found out that they have more people using Apple products (especially iPad and iPhone) there than anywhere else in UK.