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End of house hunting, possibly …

I lost count. I think it’s more than a month now since Mee and I started looking for a house. We found one eventually. We were very excited when we negotiated the price with the seller through the estate agent. Our first offer was not accepted by the seller but we were not interested in increasing our offer. We just kept on looking around for other houses. About a week later, we rang the estate agent again to contact the seller if she was still interested. Another week went by and Mee and I decided to meet the seller in the middle. Oddly enough, we received a call from the estate agent asking if we were still interested. We told him our opinion and he said that just a few minutes before he rang me, he had already decreased the price following the seller’s request. Our offer was accepted there and then as the seller had given the estate agent the right to accept any matching offer subject to contract.

Mee and I were very happy and soon, I was arranging my mortgage and instructing my solicitor to do all the necessary works. About a week and a half later, the seller may have some difficulties arranging her mortgage. At that time, Mee and I were quite furious as we had already paid some of the money, though not many but it was really time wasting considering that the seller did not have already arranged her mortgage to purchase her next house. Every time Mee and I approached the estate agents, we were always asked if we had a mortgage promise from the bank. Why didn’t they do the same to sellers if they are in a chain?

Just last Friday, I received a letter from my solicitor stating that the seller’s solicitor and herself are drafting an agreement or contract for the house. And the seller has already signed the house’s inventory about a week ago. Surely if the seller was unable to confirm her mortgage, she would have asked her solicitor to be on hold and my solicitor would not have received further instructions as we are both using the same solicitor firm. Anyway, I will be waiting for my estate agent to call me tomorrow once she finds out more information as promised. Fingers crossed!

Missing Body Balance

Mee and I missed our Body Balance class this morning because our landlord came to see a house for us. We already looked at the house last week but since we are interested in it, we thought we should ask our landlord to look at it for us again. As he came by around 11am, it meant that we had to skipped our Body Balance class.  Our instructor had previously told us that she would bring what was said to be the best yoga mat for us to see but I guess we missed the chance too. Anyway, I think it is more important for us to find a house to live in.

Early in the morning, we went to see a house and it was the owner who showed it around and not the estate agent. While talking to the owner, he mentioned that the estate agent is an online company and they don’t do house viewing with potential buyers. Initially, I thought that we would be there for less than half an hour but the whole tour went on for an hour. It’s not a really big house and we actually chatted most of the time. In fact, he went to the same gym as us. Well, it’s a shame that we don’t think that we will make an offer for the house. There’s nothing much to complain about but we just don’t think it’s the one for us.

We then went home and kept wondering what time our landlord will come by. Just when we were about to go to the gym, he came. We had no choice but to go to the house with him though he said that he will be fine alone. Upon arrived at the house, we asked the lady owner politely to see if we can look at the house again. She and her partner were okay with it so we just let our landlord do the checking. I believe that our landlord also thinks that the price is too high for that sort of house. He said that he will call us at night to discuss about it but so far, we received no calls from him. I guess we will have to call him tomorrow.

The surprising thing was we received a call from the estate agent. He told me that the lady owner rang him to express her displeasure of us coming around. In my defence, I told the estate agent that we did ask her for permission and it’s up to her to agree or disagree. The estate agent then told me that it would be rude to refuse. I just told him that I would refuse rather than agree and then go about complaining to other people.

To be honest, we think the house could be the one for us. But thinking about living in a house that has an owner with that kind of behaviour just made me a bit mad. The asking price is already ridiculous and that attitude stinks. I might make a very low offer and see how she reacts.

Rightmove …

Rightmove seems like the website to go to when looking to buy a house. Some people that have been giving me house buying advice seem to think that estate agents would normally contact potential buyers first before publishing the house details on Rightmove website. From what I have seen so far, estate agents rely quite heavily on Rightmove and the first thing they do is to publish on Rightmove. Some estate agents do not even bother to update their own website.

Looking for a house to buy can be fun and frustrating at the same time. With a website like Rightmove, it makes it a lot less tedious. I can save the houses that I like and even create alert when a new listing is added. I didn’t use the alert function as I prefer to check the website every now and then. Whenever a new property is added, it kind of excites me. Over the past few days, there were a few properties that have their prices reduced by thousands of pounds. Most of them had initially priced their properties a lot higher than the market price. Well, some are not even in a good condition. I can’t help but wonder why they think their properties are better than others in the same area when clearly, they aren’t. Maybe when it’s our time to sell a property, we might put up a much higher price too.

House hunting extensively …

This week has been a busy week for Mee and me even though I have a whole week off. We woke up practically at 8am everyday as we have appointments with estate agents, mortgage advisors and a friend. So far, we have looked at five houses and there’s one more to see tomorrow morning. Of all the five houses we have seen, none of them really fits all our criteria. There’s one in a very nice area. The price is slightly higher as you would expect but the house is smaller compare to others. It’s a two bed house but the second room is just a single room. There’s one which is quite spacious but not in what we would consider a good area. There’s one where we had quite a lengthy discussion with the estate agent as well as making an offer for the house. The first and second offer was rejected and the owner was only prepared to decrease the price of the house to certain amount. I think Mee and I were glad that the owner did not agree on our price because we were quite concern about the limited parking spaces around the area. It’s a communal parking area and there aren’t enough spaces to cater the neighbourhood.

Mee and  I actually went to consult the next door neighbour for opinion. Overall, we think the area is good but the parking is a concern. Hence, we decided not to pursue further. The other two houses did not meet our expectation.

Our hope is kind of fell on the house that we are going to see tomorrow. It is having an open house tomorrow, hence, we couldn’t book in to see before the open house. When I first looked at the house, I already thought it’s the one for us. However, when we showed the photos to our landlord, our landlord think that some of the material used on the house could be problematic. But overall, it’s still not a bad house. It’s spacious and the previous owner has made some improvement on the house. In addition, it’s very near to the place where we live at the moment, hence, we know the area quite well. Hope it goes well tomorrow!

Estate agents

So far, Mee and I have gone to see about three estate agents. While they have different types of approach; some friendly, some doesn’t seem like they want to make any business, some seems like they work alone, some thinks that we are not going to buy at all, they seem to be using the same real estate business card templates. Don’t they think that they need to be a little bit different from their competitors? Well, I can’t comment much anyway since I am not in the real estate business. They might think that it’s only a card and as long as it has all the necessary information, it should be good. I beg to differ though. It can say a lot about a business but that’s just me.

My first and second jobs in Malaysia required me to travel extensively but locally. Not totally true since I had travelled to Thailand once for work purposes. Anyway, I distributed hundreds of business cards in the span of a couple of months and I did receive a lot too. Initially, I was really proud to own my set of business cards but soon, I was not bothered by it and wished that I hadn’t had any business cards to give out. The simple reason was that so nobody could contact me. Receiving business cards was another story. Some business cards were really plain looking card, probably the cheapest dealer they could find, and some really make an effort in making a good first impression. Some people would that a business card should be straightforward but I was always fascinated by business cards that tried to make a difference.

Moving out …

The weather is getting hotter and hotter towards the weekend. It was really hot in the office, even with the air conditioner was switched on. Well, we can’t really turn down the temperature too low because some of the colleagues are sitting in the direction where the air conditioner blows the cold air. Anyway, the place where I sit is a little bit hot and I have to have my sleeves up for the last few days. A walk to town left me perspiring the moment I entered my office. I don’t normally go to the town centre during lunch hour but Mee and I have started looking for a flat or an apartment to move into. We are a bit fed up with one of our housemates’ behaviour and we have longed to have our own place. Hence, Mee and I have been going to the many estate agents in the town centre to see if there’s any flats or apartments that are suitable. I can’t really believe that there are that many estate agents. There are at least 10-15 estate agents. The truth is, it’s really hard to find one that has the price, location and size that we both like. The rental prices here are comparable to London and we both are kind of worry about the extra bills that we will have to pay as well as the council tax.

You never know what you don’t know. So, I believe that we will eventually find one that we like and from there, we will be able to know what’s it like and the total cost of living.