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House progress

Today, Mee highlighted that the progress on the house is a bit slow. I do agree on that but the thing is that we are still waiting on the delivery of the fridge freezer and water softener. Until we get the fridge freezer, I can’t really measure how much to cut off from the workshop. Until we get the water softener, we can get our landlord to install it for us, which he offered after much asks from us. We also planned to change the electric box but our landlord has yet to give us the number he promised. Well, I should have asked him instead of waiting for him but I just have too much in my mind.

I painted another coat of paint in our built in wardrobe and I will see how it looks tomorrow. If it doesn’t get any better, I think I will just leave it alone. It’s not hideous but if you look closely, it has a bubble like effect. I searched online and it happens mostly to untreated surface or moist. Well, it’s not going to give us any major issues and it’s best to leave it alone and carry on to work on other area in the house.

There are quite a lot of places in the house where we can hang stuffs thanks to the previous owner. When we viewed the house, some parts of the walls are full of Army coins and various assorted coins. They must love their coins. Mee and I will be more tempted to put our photos instead.


I mentioned that I have been going to Screwfix in the last few days. In fact, the whole stretch of shops where Screwfix is located is full with different types of home stores, selling taps, plumbing equipments, woods, paints and many more. Oddly enough, there’s a wigs wholesale shop right in the middle. Anyway, I never really look at those shops before until recently. And I always go past the row of shops while on my way to work.

This weekend, I will probably going to Screwfix to get some insulation material for our radiator’s pipes. As I mentioned before, our fridge freezer will be right next to a radiator and in front of a radiator pipe. Hence, I plan to insulate the pipe and I will later find an insulation sheet or plank to put it in between the radiator and fridge freezer. Well, the insulation sheet or plank can be quite expensive. I googled yesterday and they were like over a hundred pounds. I shall be looking for some cheaper ones.

Surprise …

Remember that I mentioned that I would like to move things around in the kitchen in order to create a space for our fridge freezer? I borrowed a cordless hammer drill from my landlord today and I managed to remove the small work top and a small cabinet that was in the space where Mee and I would like the fridge freezer to be. Surprise, surprise. The bottom of the small cabinet had about 10 cockroach eggs! If we never touch the cabinet, I wonder what will happen later.

When we first viewed the house, everything seems perfect. Now that we look at everything closely, it appears that all the diy jobs were very shoddy. The previous owner seems to like doing things however he wants. Anyway, what Mee and I have been doing for the past few weeks is to make it our home and of course with the help of our kind landlord. He had fixed quite a lot of things for us now and he has a few more jobs to do for us such as installing new taps, installing a water softener and installing thermostatic radiator valves.

More furniture …

Last week, our landlord delivered a dining table and four chairs for Mee and I. Well, that’s the first furniture that we have bought and arrived at our house. Dining table and chairs are something that Mee and I don’t think we should spend a lot of money. The cheapest would cost around £100 and the quality is not very good. Since our landlord has a set, or had a set of dining table and chairs in his garage, we thought it would be a good idea to buy them from him as long as the condition is not too bad. Our mattress also arrived on Saturday and our landlord has a bed frame which he will deliver it to us on the 15th. Everything seems to come together now but we still have quite a lot of things to do.

Next week, we will probably go to IKEA to get some bits and bobs. We will try not to get too many stuffs as we have not known how much stuffs we have accumulated over the years. I have bought a ladder and it should be delivered this week. I should then be able to get our stuffs out of the loft of this rented room’s house. I still have to sort out our broadband, fridge freezer and TV.

I also painted one of the built in cupboards yesterday. I must say I didn’t do a good job. Partly because it was pink in color and I painted white on top of it. Today, I painted a second coat and hopefully, it will look better when it dries. I may have to do another coat but I will see how it looks tomorrow.

House arrangement

What else is left to do in the house. In actual fact, there are still more cleaning left to do. We only spent about an hour or two each day in the house cleaning. We didn’t do much on Saturday and Sunday as we were out shopping for things like curtains, shades and large appliances. We are still undecided on the fridge freezer mainly because we haven’t decided where to put it in our kitchen. Our soon to be ex-landlord has suggested that we put the fridge freezer against the door to the dining room. We will then use the hallway and through to the lounge to get to our dining room from the kitchen. Having thought about it for almost a week now, we decided to remove one of the smaller worktops and place the fridge freezer there.

The hallway is also a bit of a mess now as Mee and I were scrubbing the dirt off the heating pipes so that we can paint later on. I wished that I had bought a N-95 mask or similar while scrubbing the pipes. The dirt was floating in the air while I scrubbed. It wasn’t that bad when scrubbing the lower pipes. It got really bad when I was trying to scrub the vertical pipes that are going to the roof’s direction. Anyway, the pipes are nice and clean now. We still couldn’t paint them because we want to install individual thermostat on each of the radiators so that we can turn down the heat of the radiators that we don’t use.

One tip that my landlord has given me is that we should not install a thermostat on the radiator which is directly below the main thermostat. If we had one installed and we turned the radiator temperature right down, it will confuse the main thermostat above it and the main thermostat will keep trying to heat up the house because it still think the house is cold because of the radiator below.