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Toys and more toys

Play area

Needless to say, we need to sacrifice some of our living areas in order to help Mason develops, or as Mason develops. The living room is now with a forward slash plus playroom. The photo is one of the earlier setups and it has changed a lot since. I will take a new photo when I get a chance. We have had a conservatory built and we now have our dining table and chairs in the conservatory. Hence, the old dining area is now a secondary playroom for Mason. I will always remember that one of my colleagues once told me that it’s surprising that there are so many things required just for a little one. It’s very true.

I would say about 90% of the toys were bought second hand. They have these children’s market once every few months and we always go there to look for some good used toys or books for Mason. Now, we are just looking for specific stuffs and even then, we always have a reason to go to these events. I don’t think we will ever skip the event unless we are away.

The next on our list is probably some music equipment for kids. We have one where it is like a farm booth with farm animal figurines singing. Well, it has a flute stand, microphone, lyric stand and a drum. What we are hoping to find is proper music equipment where Mason can learn. Both Mee and I are not very good at music and it’s something that we wished we had learnt when we were young. We thought it will be good for Mason to learn but ultimately, it will be up to him in the end.

Good news

One of my housemates is about to move out at the end of this month I think. It’s funny that we never heard anything from our landlord. I thought we should always be informed about anything that is happening or going to happen in our rented house. We wouldn’t want to come home one day and find a “stranger” walking in the house. Anyway, I am going to be the bad guy now and say that it’s good that the fellow housemate moves out. She has been a total nightmare for the past year. Even more ridiculous is that our landlord seems to always listen to what she says without investigate. Due to an incident, Mee and I found out her true colours and we just keep a distance from her. Unknowingly to us, she just keeps complaining to the landlord about us.

We couldn’t care much and if there’s something serious, I am sure that the landlord will talk directly to us. I am pretty sure that we haven’t done anything wrong. Otherwise, the landlord would have spoken to us if anything she says was valid.

Well, even though she is only renting a small single room, I bet that she has as many things as Mee and I have in this house. She starts to pack her stuffs into boxes and moves them into the living room. I saw a brand new dvd storage box and come on, who still uses that kind of thing? I thought everything went digital a long time ago except games and she is definitely not a gamer. On the other hand, there are less and less gamers buying games in the form of dvd nowadays.

I can’t wait for a new guy or gal to move in but hopefully, that person will be a good one though chances are quite slim considering that the landlord doesn’t have a good instinct. Maybe he just wants money rather than having a good tenant.

iPod Touch vs PSP …

I remember that I posted something about The Gadget Show last year. It was about one of their reviews on top portable gaming console. iPod Touch came out top, beating PSP and Nintendo and I was admittedly quite furious especially the review was demonstrated by Jason, whom I disliked at that time. A few more episodes, I began to see his funny side and his tremendous gadget knowledge. Anyway, I was spending a lot of time on my PSP at that time mainly because I only have PSP for gaming purposes. The desktop PC is mainly for Mee to use. I later bought a Samsung netbook and the desktop PC is now serving Mee full time. PSP was my only companion before the Samsung netbook.

When I saw that review, I thought how could iPod Touch be the best portable gaming console when it’s not even designed for gaming. I still think I was right but also wrong. Having own an iPad now, I can see how iPod Touch can compete against PSP. The screen is gorgeous though not as big as PSP. Initially, I thought touch screen control would not be better than physical control. Well, I play Fifa 12 on my iPad almost daily now and I do not feel that it is any different from playing Fifa on PSP. True enough, Fifa 11 for iOS was not really a good game to play with but the jump to Fifa 12 really makes it on par with PSP Fifa games. I believe that Fifa 13 will be really great to play.

Adding the accelerometer, playing racing games offers better experience than PSP. Okay, you might say that PSP Vita covers all these but the price is double the price of an iPod Touch. At the time of the review, PSP was still the chunky ones.

iPod Touch does a lot more things mainly because it runs iOS. It’s almost limitless compare to what you can do with PSP. The battery lasts longer and small to pocket too. On top of all that, the loading time is significantly faster than PSP and I can jump from games to games quickly and easily. I don’t even have to worry that I might worn out my PSP buttons and joystick anymore.

Android Phones …

I have been using my HTC Desire for quite a while now. The only complain that I have, is the internal memory space. I have talked about it over and over again but I believe that I have more understanding now than before. Honestly, it is a good looking phone; solid and the screen size is about right. It doesn’t have a dual core processor but 1GHz Snapdragon processor performs quite sufficiently. The multitouch screen problem is also annoying but I am fine with it. The internal memory space is still my main concern.

Well, HTC Desire has only about 120MB internal memory space available for apps and games. When I first got the phone, everything had to be installed in the internal memory space. The 4GB microsd card is only for storage purpose. Soon, the App2SD was developed and apps and games can be moved to external storage. However, there will still be some bits of data installed in the internal memory space. I then rooted my HTC Desire and apply the S-OFF to pump up the internal memory space to 200MB. To date, I have about 130 apps and games. It sounds a lot but it’s not. I wish for more.

Why would anyone design a phone with so limited internal memory space available for user to install apps and games? I have read the specifications of a few newer HTC phones and while they have about 4 – 8GB of internal memory, only 1GB is available for the user. Is it a problem with HTC or Google’s Android?

In addition, the speed of the phone is also very much dependent on where the apps and games are installed. As most of my apps and games are installed using App2SD, my HTC Desire performs sluggishly at times. I had tried moving some frequently run apps to the phone in the past. While it improved the performance, the internal storage space soon became full.

My next phone may probably be an Android phone; and it might be HTC too. However, I will be making sure that I will not be troubled by the lack of internal memory space and the phone will be free of multitouch screen problem. The latter should already be solved since a lot of users had pointed it out but I am still very wary about the former.

Veho 360 rechargeable speaker

Veho 360 Rechargeable Speaker
Veho 360 Rechargeable Speaker

Just recently, I bought a Veho 360 rechargeable speaker at £5. I am still waiting for it to be delivered by Play.com and it has been 11 days since I placed the order. The website states its status as Awaiting Stock while the product page itself says Usually dispatched within 4-5 days. I wonder if I should contact the customer service about the mismatch information. I am not urgently in need to use the speaker and I just bought it because it’s cheap. I already have a 2.1 speaker for my desktop PC and I don’t think anyone would have regarded Veho 360 rechargeable speaker as a replacement for home speakers.

My idea is to hook it up to my PSP and play podcasts. Yeah, you are reading it right. I am using my PSP to play podcasts instead of playing games on it. Well, I suppose my iPad2 has really taken over as the main gaming machine. The huge 9.7″ just makes it irresistable though I have mentioned before that iOS games are still not as polish as true gaming consoles. PSP Vita is the one to watch and I was quite surprised when I found out that it’s only going to cost around £200 for a WiFi model only. I thought it was going to cost more being a Sony product especially PSP has so many enhancement over its predecessor. But for the time being, I am quite satisfied with iPad2 and iOS games are definitely cheaper than PSP Vita’s.