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Body Balance

The new Body Balance routine is kind of a mixture of old and new. Well, I don’t really like it as I still prefer the previous routine. The current routine is not so tough and it left me wanting for me after the session. Surprisingly, more and more people are attending the class. For the past few weeks, it’s almost always full. In the past, I believe the instructor would already be happy when it’s half full.

The room is actually quite small and when a class like Body Balance where it requires a mat for each learner, it can be quite cramp when the class is fully booked. As Body Balance requires learners to adjust the mat horizontally or vertically once a while, some selfish learners use two mats and place both the mats in a cross shape on the floor. They don’t seem to realise that they have taken a lot more space than other learners who are only using a mat. When the class is fully booked, it doesn’t help too as latecomers would have no mats available to them. Some start to bring in thick yoga mat but even then, they might not have a space in the room if they were late.

The worst thing is that the previous class is the spin class. Those who attended the spin class always leave without wiping off their sweat from the floor. It can be quite disgusting during summer. Why can’t people be more responsible and hygienic? We all pay to use the gym and we should always be thinking about the next person who will be using the equipment or room. It’s the same case as the free weight area. They come, they take the dumb bells, they use and they just leave it on the floor. Some people just don’t read at all.

Supersize vs Superskinny …

Having watched this programme just now, it kind of reminded me of myself again. I used to be just 50kg and no matter how much I ate, I could only go up to 55kg and I was quite proud at that time. As soon as I started eating normally again, my weight dropped back to 50kg again. Well, imagine how much I ate when I didn’t eat normally. I came to UK at 50kg, thinking that I would easily gain weight considering lots of people go abroad and come back heavier. It doesn’t work for me. For the first few years, I still remain at 50kg. I then started going to gym. The very first day at the gym, the instructor used a special weighing scale machine that can measure the fat as well. I could remember clearly that my fat was only at 3%. The normal fat range for male is about 8 – 23%. And my BMI was just about 17.7, way underweight.

For the first few weeks, I used the weighing scale machine at least once a week. I could really see the difference as my weight climbed though the fat percentage didn’t really change a lot. It came to a stage where my weight was at 63kg with a BMI of 22.3. I was really proud of myself as I achieved all these in about 6 months. Mee helped a lot as she had to cook to my enormous appetite at that time. Soon, I got bored of eating too much and started eating moderately. By the way, I relied on protein drink as well at that time, drinking at least once a day.

It has come to a time where I tell myself that I can’t rely on protein drink anymore. Hence, I started drinking it as and when I go to the gym. Last Sunday, Mee and I realised that the gym instructors have placed the weighing scale machine at the public area. It used to be in a room only accessible by gym instructors. It was then we realised that we haven’t used that machine for some time. My weight is now 58kg, eating moderately and my fat is 9%. I am really pleased with myself and if anyone finds it difficult to increase weight, I will definitely recommend going to the gym.

Weight loss

Hmm… it’s been quite a while since I last heard Mee talking about losing weight. In a way, it’s a good thing because I don’t see the need to lose weight if one exercise regularly and eat healthily. I for one has similar lifestyle to Mee except the sleeping part. The lifestyle part, of course because we live together and she cooks most of my meals. The sleeping part, I tend to sleep late like 2am most of the time. I think it really makes my body weaker or rather unable to recover fast enough after all those exercises. I started to train quite hard like lifting more weights for the past couple of weeks and that really strained my neck and muscles. It usually takes me about 3 days to fully recover. And I don’t think that’s normal. I guess I just need to try to have a better sleep pattern although I have been talking about it for months. Sometimes, things take time.

One of our housemates is actually taking apidextra for weight loss. I think she has a gym membership but rarely uses it. I used to only see her going to the gym like once a week on Sunday. I am not sure about now since Mee and I have started going to the gym on Sunday as well. In my opinion, apidextra may aid her in weight loss but I don’t think she clearly understands about apidextra side effects. For me, I prefer to use diet protein shake, not that I need to use it. But if Mee is going to talk about weight loss again, I probably will talk her into purchasing diet protein shake instead.

Holiday soon

Eight more days and Mee and I will be doing our first out of nine flights. We haven’t started packing and I haven’t finished planning the trip stuffs. It all sounds a bit hectic and the worst part is that I feel unusually tired since last night. My muscles are still aching since Sunday’s gym session. I guess I won’t be doing any gym-related things tonight and just take Mee to the gym for her AquaFit session.

By the way, I wonder if I will be needing an umbrella in Australia as all my umbrellas are broken. Might have to make do with just Mee’s umbrella. Mine had broken for quite some time already but I haven’t got the chance to look for a new one mainly because it hasn’t been raining. It’s just one of those things where you don’t think about it until you really need it. Anyway, if only consumer’s umbrellas can be as strong as like the market umbrellas at PatioUmbrellas.com. Those types of umbrella could easily withstand strong winds and bad weather. Mee’s umbrella is quite strong too considering that I have two broken ones and her umbrella is still perfectly fine.

Anyway, I just can’t wait to have a relaxing three weeks holiday.

Woes …

Time flies … I always like to use those two words. In fact, I almost forgot about this blog. I only thought about it when I was taking shower last night. I feel bad. Anyway, I didn’t update this blog that frequently because a lot of things happened and I am very busy with my work. The shocking news, though not really shocking, is that my manager has since resigned. He will leave the company early March and no one knows what will happen then. A lot of staffs have been put at the ‘at risk’ category. I am still fine because we are actually short staffed. No one can actually do my work at the moment, hence, I am still safe. That goes the same with my other colleagues in my department. Well, we are in the same department but the works that we do are totally different.

I have changed my daily habit quite a bit minus the late sleeping part. I am still trying to coach myself to sleep early but it’s always until midnight where I start to get all energetic. I have started to take shower before having dinner. The vacuuming routine has changed from Sunday to Monday instead. Mee and I have started attending gym classes during weekend; Body Balance on Saturday and Zumba on Sunday. Well, Zumba is only for Mee as I am not interested. I will just be in the gym area doing free weights stuff. We used to also go to the gym on Tuesday as Mee attended aqua fit class. However, the pool has closed since before Christmas and will only be opened next week. Hence, we have been staying at home all this while on every Tuesday.

Right now, Mee and I can’t wait until our booked holiday period. The last time we went abroad was almost four months ago and it seems like forever. This time, we are quite ambitious as we will be going to Australia and possibly New Zealand. Mee has a couple of friends living in Australia and we could save quite a bit in the accommodation side of things. In addition, my uncle and his family lives in New Zealand, hence, we will most probably be going there and stay at his house for a few days while sight seeing.

Gym classes

Today, Mee and I went to the pilates class. It was full. I guess almost all the classes now are full as most people are trying to get rid of the weight that they gained over the holiday period. The gym area was crowded too. The pilates class was a bit different today as we used resistance bands which kind of help us to stretch further than usual. It’s not often that we use some kind of equipment in this class though it should make the class more interesting. The instructor, I believe, is the best among others in that gym. She monitors the progress of the regulars and will often encourage us to go a bit deeper each time. As for other instructors, they just show you the moves and it’s up to you to follow through.

Come Saturday, we will be going to our second body balance class. It’s a good class but again, the instructor only minds her own business. I did a step wrong last week and she didn’t bother to correct me, or anybody else. Well, I think I just have to be careful myself and not overwork in the body balance class in order to avoid any unwanted injury.