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Computer Setup

I finally managed to setup our computer table to how I want it. It is now running Lenovo X230 laptop with two 19″ monitors. I cleared the desk over the weekend just to make enough space for the whole installation. Initially, I had been wanting to install wall shelves above the computer table. In fact, we went to IKEA several times and bought a few types of wall shelves but we were not satisfied with all of them. First, we bought the KALLAX because I thought it is big and it can be used to store quite a lot of things. I assembled it and to our surprise, it actually overshadowed the computer table. Well, it goes to show that what looks good in IKEA, does not necessarily mean it will look good at home.

Next, we tried the smaller but more attractive Valje. It’s more expensive for sure but we managed to find some units in the bargain corner. It’s smaller than KALLAX but installation is hard work because they are separate box unit compared to KALLAX which is just one whole unit with multiple boxes. I assembled one and still, we thought it’s a little bit big.

Immediately after that, I thought why not just buy a document drawer unit since our sole purpose is to store documents. It will also save me from drilling holes on the wall. Our next visit to IKEA will be to return the shelves and just buy ourselves a document drawer unit.

Back to the computer table setup. During our last visit to IKEA, I used their IKEA family machine to see what’s on offer. A computer table caught my eyes and it was unbelievably cheap. The original price was over a hundred pound but on screen, it’s about twelve pounds. I did not believe it’s that cheap but still hold some hope that I might get myself a bargain. It will be perfect for my kind of setup. When we got to the table and furniture area, the price label showed otherwise. I have seen google images where people have two screens, a printer, a scanner, two PCs, multimedia speaker and even a presonus audiobox 1818vsl. That’s how big the table is. Anyway, we just have to make do with our Micke table where the design has been discontinued since it’s not worth buying another table just because I like it.


Painting is one of my strongest DIY skills though I still have problems when choosing the right paint for the right surface. I tend to choose water-based paints because they are more environmental friendly and easier to wash. However, I bought some wood paints from IKEA and even though the instructions are to wash the brushes in water, the paints don’t come off easily from the brush. The primer and varnish came off quite easily but not the IKEA paints.

Anyway, I completed painting my dining table and chairs with a different color each; yellow, orange, red, grey and blue. They were then topped with layers of varnish just to toughen them up. At first, I was a bit worry as to how the paint will cope because the dining area are probably the most used place in the house. Mee thought about buying a piece of glass to put on top of the dining table but we thought that it would have to be custom made to size and it’s probably going to be quite expensive to order one. We then thought about getting a table cloth but that would mean covering the newly painted table. We might as well not paint it in the first place. I then browsed on the internet and saw a wholesale linens from premiertablelinens.com website. If I hadn’t painted the table, I would probably order table linen from them. They look great and they would have been easier to maintain buy just buying a few sets and wash them when they get dirty instead of having to waste hours of painting.

Anyway, I have done the painting and we now decided not to cover the dining table with anything except placemats. So far, the paint holds and it’s not as fragile as I thought it would be.

Second Bedroom

Our second bedroom is still quite messy. It’s not in any state to have a mattress put in. We bought a foam mattress from IKEA clearance a couple of months ago and right now, it is under our mattress. We will only get it out if we have visitors. Otherwise, it will stay where it is. Even if we had cleared our second room, there’s no reason for us to put it there anyway. It will just be collecting dusts.

The bedroom is currently part storage, part wardrobe, part shoe storage and part cloth drying. We haven’t done our under stairs area and even if we do, I doubt we have enough space to accommodate Mee’s collection of shoes. After so many months, the room is still in progress. Even our living room is still quite in progress. We managed to get a display cupboard in last week from IKEA. And I must say since then, the living room is coming together very well.


Mee and I went to Ikea yesterday hoping to buy some cabinets to fill our new home. The day before, the weather forecast had indicated that there will be strong wind across the south of United Kingdom. I was a bit wary and the early morning situation certainly looked a bit scary. The tree branches were swaying around and the sound of the wind could be heard all the time. By the time we woke up, the weather had calmed and it was bright and sunny. There were leaves everywhere but surprisingly, no huge chunk of tree branches.

On the way to Ikea, the weather was good too albeit the traffic was a little bit hectic at times. When we finally got in to Ikea, we started looking at the various design of living room. When we finally got to the living room cabinets area, it took us at least an hour to decide the color of the cabinets as well as the door and fittings and accessories. At the end of it, we thought that we finally found the right combination for our home although I wasn’t quite convinced with the colours. Anyway, we went on to browse the rest of other departments to get more ideas. By the time we got to the lower floor, we thought that we finally found what could be the right combination of cabinets. However, when we got to the aisle to get the items ourselves, it was empty. We just couldn’t believe it. After all the discussion and walking back and forth the area looking at various designs, the items that we wanted were out of stock. I thought to myself that maybe it’s a sign that we might have chosen the wrong colour combination.

At home, we kind of had an epiphany. We decided to ditch the colour and go for white and red instead. Well, I wasn’t too sure about the original colours but white and red sounded good to me. It’s going to have to be another trip to Ikea.

New home …

It’s more than a month since Mee and I moved into our new home. However, it felt longer. Everything in the house still looks pretty much the same. We are just lazy to tidy them up with the excuse of that our sofa hasn’t arrived. We got a coffee table though. We went to Harvey’s Furniture shop last weekend to pay the remaining amount of our sofa as it is due to arrive. When we arrived at the store, there were signs all over the place stating that the store is closing for a re-fit. We went inside and found out that there were lots of items on sale. We were first attracted by a wooden coffee table. After some discussions and looking at other options, it may well be too big for the space that we have. In the end, we chose a double glass with stainless steel legs. We are happy with the purchase.

The only thing that we bought second hand is the dining table and chairs. Initially, we thought that we will most probably get everything second hand. But to think that we will be sitting on sofa that belongs to someone else, we felt a bit uneasy. Some people may think that it’s unnecessary but I don’t think it’s a bit waste of money to buy everything new especially things that you don’t change very often.

Anyway, once our sofa arrives, we will be on a trip to Ikea again. We need a chest of drawers and TV stands. Chest of drawers from Ikea is quite cheap but TV stands with cabinets can be quite expensive. But then again, we are only going to buy it once and it will be years before we will need a new one. Once all that’s been installed, hopefully we will be able to stash away some stuffs into the cabinets.

TV cabinets

I was browsing for TV cabinets and I can’t quite understand why most of them have built-in standsandmounts dvd racks. Isn’t DVDs almost obsolete already? Ikea’s range of TV cabinets seem to be more pleasing to the eye than other. Hmm.. I wonder how much Mee and I will be spending the next time we go to Ikea. There are quite a lot in our list of to-buy. We just have to plan it wisely, otherwise, we will have trouble carrying them back even with the car’s back seats down. And I just realised that with the car back seats down, a normal size ladder will not fit. I have been eyeing a 4X3 ladder for quite sometime but Mee seems to think that traditional ladder is better. Now that those traditional ladder won’t fit in our car, I have a good reason to buy that 4X3 ladder.