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TiVo box

I still remember the first thing I said when we first got our TiVo box. I said that the recording functionality is something that will be useless to me. To date, I have used up to 70% of the hard disk space of 500GB. I have to delete some recorded shows once a while just to have more space to record some other shows. At one point, I used up to 90% of the hard disk space and it made the whole TiVo box navigation sluggish.

Actually, I have a habit of recording shows and watch later. That way, I can skip all the advertisement. Depending on the time of the show, some advertisement like the payday loan and insurance can be so annoying. At times, they are more about upcoming shows or denon at guitar center or sale. Anyway, I still prefer skipping all the advertisement and continue watching a show. Sometimes, I don’t even know why I am recording shows that I already have on my portable hard drive. I guess I can access them easier with TiVo.


We went back to our house just now to drop off some stuffs and it was really quiet there which was good. The street light was just next to our neighbour’s house and we really get what he meant by not needing any backyard lights at night. Opposite, there are brown string lights that span across the neighbour’s front wall. We stayed there for about 30 mins and the surrounding area was looking good. I think it will be a good one or two weeks before we can really move in. We are still looking for a bed but we do hope that our landlord could sell the mattress that we use now. At least we don’t have to get one like immediately.

Then we have to ring our broadband provider, Virgin Media, to arrange a time for installation. Council tax, changing address, insurance and bills, they all a bit overwhelming for me at the moment. At work, I have deadlines to meet and I am supposed to create a web system from scratch to finish in three weeks time. I had only managed to really start working on it today which means I have lost two days due to a training session and unforeseen circumstances. Anyway, I believe everything will sink in soon and at least it’s weekend in two days time. I get to clear my mind a bit.

Short break

After a week without access to servers, Mee and I started this week with three days off. These three days were the days that I could have and next week onwards will be hectic. Initially, we didn’t plan on going anywhere. But because I had too much time on hand when the servers were down, Mee and I realised that we could actually go to Hull, a place which we frequently talked about of going but never found a chance until now. Well, Mee went to University of Hull about nine years ago and she was quite keen on showing me the place. When we were about to book the hotel, Mee thought that a night in Hull would be sufficient and we soon came up with Manchester as our next city. It’s all very last minute and we’d only managed to book the both hotels like a day before our trip.

It took about 4 hours to drive to Hull and from Hull, it’s about 1.5 hours to Manchester. Somehow, it made me realise that I needed to find out my car’s breakdown cover details which I didn’t have it recorded anywhere. I then saw an email about equote.com life insurance no medical exam and realised that I had forgot about the travel insurance which I bought before Mee and I went to Australia for holiday early this year. I seriously need to find the travel insurance document. We might plan another short trip during the August Bank holiday.

Anyway, the trip to Hull and Manchester was good. Mee was quite happy showing me around the University of Hull. She even saw one of her academic lecturers. He didn’t recognise her but he didn’t mind chatting with us. A lot has changed over the nine years and Hull city centre has three shopping centres and a long high street.  Just the night before going to Manchester, Mee and I decided to visit the Old Trafford Stadium and go on the Museum and Stadium Tour. Manchester United is not the club that I support but it’s still a nice experience visiting the famous Theatre of Dreams. The tour was good as the guide brought us to the dugout place, the dressing room, the seating areas as well as the history of Manchester United.

I am not sure about Mee but I always thought that short break could be nice and relaxing just like the three days of Hull and Manchester. I will definitely be planning more short breaks from now on.

Good stuff out of junk

Ever since Mee and I bought our first travel insurance during our trip to Amsterdam, I reckon that we will be doing the same thing for all of our future trips. Considering that many countries are now so unpredictable, both economy and politic, it’s best to travel with an insurance rather than not. However, soon after we bought our second travel insurance from the trip to Greece, I start to receive more and more mails regarding all sorts of insurance, including emails of course. The tick of not agreeing on receiving third party information seems to work programmatically but not in reality. On the other hand, out of those emails, I do realise that there are some sites that compare cd type annuities instead of having to browse individual sites for information which can be quite time consuming.

Sometimes I just feel that internet is overloaded with tons of information but only a few of them are worthy to note. Take twitter for example, I get hundreds of new tweets every minute and to be honest, there will only be a couple of good ones. Junk mails are not necessary junk to me. They contain some good stuffs too but only if you have the time to browse them through.