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iPhone 5 Battery

My iPhone 5 had a charge of 100% before I went to sleep last night. When I woke up this morning, it still had around 90% charge. I had only been watching a few youtube clips and whatsapping for about 10 minutes, it was down to 26% earlier. As soon as I connected it to the power source, it jumped to 45%. It happened since iOS 7 and a few updates later, it’s still displaying the same behaviour. It seems to me that it’s the iOS problem, unable to accurately show the battery level. When I was in Malaysia, the battery dropped to 19% and I still could make calls and texting for quite a while before it went completely dead. Hence, it indicated that it had more than 19% of battery charge.

All was well when I first bought iPhone 5. I twittered a few images showing that I could use my iPhone 5 down to 1% of charge before it died. I wonder what I had to do or is it something that I can do? I might have to wait for iOS 8 and quite possibly, upgrading iOS 8 might be a bad idea. Maybe I should format my iPhone 5 but it will take a considerably huge amount of time.

iPhone Battery Case …

I recently bought an iPhone 5 battery case, or in a more recognisable phrase, power bank. When I was back in Malaysia several months ago, power bank was kind of a hot issue. One of my friends told me that he was at a computer exhibition some time ago and almost all the stores were selling power banks. Hence, I started looking for one after I came back to UK.

Apparently, most of these power banks are made in China, no surprise. Companies would just buy them in bulk and slap their logo. Considering there are many dodgy products which are made in China, I am very wary of what I am buying, especially batteries.

In the end, I saw one at Sports Direct last weekend. It’s the type that I would prefer, a case with rechargeable battery source. However, I never heard of the brand before. After a few minutes consideration, I bought one. I have charged it twice now and it seems to be working as expected. I don’t need a huge amount of power. I just need something that would make my iPhone 5 last for a day. Two days later, Mee bought one too. Unfortunately, it wasn’t suitable for her iPhone 5S. When connected, her iPhone 5S actually prompted saying that the device is not supported. How weird and surprise at the same time!

Gaming season

I haven’t been to the town centre since before last weekend. It didn’t change much except for the Christmas decorations and sales. The Christmas decorations are not that grand compared to previous years. It’s a little to simple and doesn’t feel Christmassy. Still, I think there are more people in town compare to this time last year. I prefer online shopping nowadays. Or I would do online shopping first and then make a trip to the high street and see what the shops have to offer.

I haven’t bought things for myself for quite sometime and I am getting a little bit itchy. Well, I don’t count the things that I bought to fill up our new house and the last item that I bought for myself is iPhone 5, which was more than a year ago. My target for the new year would be a PS3. I have been dreaming of having it for years and years. Mee and I went to the recycling centre last week and some guy threw away a drum kit for playstation Guitar Hero game. I don’t suppose those thing can be broken that easily?? There are all sorts of things there including a gibson ’57 classic plus gold humbucker pickup set neck and bridge. I wonder what they will be doing to things that are still working fine. Would the workers there grab things that are still working?¬†Anyway, I am just jealous of people who have game consoles. Ok, I know about PS4 but that’s about three times the price of a PS3. A PS3 will satisfy my gaming needs as far as I am concern.

I have also been looking at iPod Touch for quite a while now but considering it is more expensive than PS3, and I already have an iPhone 5, I am not in dire need of iPod Touch. iPod Nano seems to work pretty good for me. I am listening to Ellie Goulding’s latest album, Halcyon Days and I am loving it.

Cleaning up HTC Desire again

Just yesterday, I was saying how I managed to solve the issue I had with my HTC Desire. Immediately after that, I found out that all the apps that I had installed and moved to the second partition would not work after a restart. It seemed that the second partition had corrupted as every time I tried to access it using an app, it asked me to select the partition type and then tried to reboot my device. I ended up having to wipe drive clean and that gave me a chance to install the latest ROM. Well, not necessary the latest ROM as it must have been a year since I last updated my HTC Desire Cyanogenmod ROM.

Everything is well and fine with my HTC Desire. I don’t really know if there’s any difference with the latest ROM, I just simply go with it. After updating, I removed some unused system apps by typing in some commands using the terminal emulator. The last app that I removed was the camera app that came with it. The original HTC Desire ROM camera app allows zoom of up to 5 times but this app that comes with Cyanogenmod only has 2 times zoom. I figure out it would be better to use other better quality camera app. The next thing I knew, the barcode scanner didn’t work as it utilises the camera app. I then had to search for it and put it back again. It’s quite a long process but I am glad that it is all working now.

It’s funny that I am already using iPhone 5 but I can’t still part with my HTC Desire. I still very much like to be a part of Android. There are things I like although not as much as I like the ease of the integration between iOS and OS X devices.

Dumbphone …

Just now, one of our housemates asked me to transfer some files from his mobile phone to his thumb drive. As he is Polish and doesn’t speak English very well, you can quite imagine what our conversation like. There’s a lot of hand signs but it didn’t took too long for me to understand that it’s the photos that he wanted to transfer. He uses LG KM900 and when I connected it to my MacBook Air, it detected the mobile phone but I couldn’t get into the photos. It displayed a bunch of installation files but they were for Windows operating system. I tried bluetooth and neither my MacBook Air nor my iPhone 5 could make the connection successful. It just said the device is not compatible.

In the end, I used the desktop PC and it took almost an hour just to transfer 284MB from the mobile phone to my PC. It then took only a couple of minutes to transfer that amount of files to the thumb drive. I could never use dumbphone anymore, that’s what I thought when I finally finished the transfer process. Some of you may not know but dumbphone is a new word for the opposite of smartphone. The touch screen of the LG KM 900 was quite responsive but the operating system was really sluggish. The phone detected my gesture but it took a second or two to react. That’s how bad it was. I did a little search on LG KM 900 specifications while it’s transferring the files. Apparently, it has 8GB of internal space. Imagine how long do I have to wait if that housemate of ours has filled up his dumbphone’s internal space. Yeah, it could take a day!

Spams …

Even though my iPhone 5 is my main phone now, I still use my HTC Desire pretty much everyday. Whatsapp is still active and I still use it to communicate with my friends and there are a few apps that are available on Android and not on iOS. In addition, I have some mobile survey apps installed on my HTC Desire which allow me to collect points and rewards. One of the apps actually require my HTC Desire to be an active mobile. Hence, I requested a free SIM card from Orange and installed on it. So far, I have not made any calls using the Orange number. In fact, I don’t even top up my account and it has been ¬£0 since the day I installed it on my HTC Desire.

Oddly enough, I received a missed call from the number 08434102339. By doing a search in Google, I found out that it is a phone call regarding Payment Protection Insurance. I never use the number to make any phone calls and I never use it to register any websites. So yes, it is highly possible that Orange itself provides its customers’ details to various companies. Are all mobile network companies doing the same thing? Should they be allowed to do such thing? I always thought that I got those nuisance phone calls is because I registered my mobile numbers in various websites. My new Orange mobile number seems to suggest otherwise.