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Gaming season

I haven’t been to the town centre since before last weekend. It didn’t change much except for the Christmas decorations and sales. The Christmas decorations are not that grand compared to previous years. It’s a little to simple and doesn’t feel Christmassy. Still, I think there are more people in town compare to this time last year. I prefer online shopping nowadays. Or I would do online shopping first and then make a trip to the high street and see what the shops have to offer.

I haven’t bought things for myself for quite sometime and I am getting a little bit itchy. Well, I don’t count the things that I bought to fill up our new house and the last item that I bought for myself is iPhone 5, which was more than a year ago. My target for the new year would be a PS3. I have been dreaming of having it for years and years. Mee and I went to the recycling centre last week and some guy threw away a drum kit for playstation Guitar Hero game. I don’t suppose those thing can be broken that easily?? There are all sorts of things there including a gibson ’57 classic plus gold humbucker pickup set neck and bridge. I wonder what they will be doing to things that are still working fine. Would the workers there grab things that are still working? Anyway, I am just jealous of people who have game consoles. Ok, I know about PS4 but that’s about three times the price of a PS3. A PS3 will satisfy my gaming needs as far as I am concern.

I have also been looking at iPod Touch for quite a while now but considering it is more expensive than PS3, and I already have an iPhone 5, I am not in dire need of iPod Touch. iPod Nano seems to work pretty good for me. I am listening to Ellie Goulding’s latest album, Halcyon Days and I am loving it.

Watches tech

Ever since Mee and I came back from my sister’s place after Christmas and New Year, I must say that I haven’t wore my iPod Nano as watch yet. That’s partly because I had bought a Citizen Eco Drive watch which runs on light energy. It doesn’t require any charging or battery. Well, iPod Nano is cool as a watch but I don’t think it is suitable while travelling. I already have my Macbook Air, iPad and phones to charge and I wouldn’t want to worry about another piece of gadget while travelling.

I have to say, if I had bought this Citizen Eco Drive watch before browsing for iPod Nanos, I might have bought iPod Touch instead. While searching for watches that don’t require batteries, I found that most of them were either ugly or too expensive. It’s the Citizen Eco Drive that’s affordable and looks good that caught my attention. It’s quite a new model and no wonder I didn’t see it. Anyway, I still need an iPod just so I can listen to music while at the gym. I had a Sony MP3 player previously and it had broken like a year ago.

In addition, I recently found out why I can’t wear MP3 player for too long. The in-ear type of ear phone is what causing discomfort to my left ear. The Sony MP3 player that I used had an in-ear noise cancelling ear phone. The ear phone that I use while watching movies in the middle of the night is a JVC in-ear ear phone. Since I bought the iPod Nano which doesn’t come with in-ear ear phone, I could feel the difference immediately. It may not sound as good as but I would rather it be good to my ears.

A day with iPod Nano Tik Tok …

It’s 10 days since my last post. Things haven’t changed much except that I am getting more and more works to do in the office. Just the other day, I spent about three working days to create a script put it into a report format. As it was an urgent tasks, most of my other tasks had to be delayed and as a results, I have more tasks on hand. Anyway, that’s work and I don’t think about it too much when I am at home.

Yesterday, my LoveFilm subscription has ended. I signed up for a month’s free trial to take the advantage of complimentary £20 Amazon voucher. I have to say that LoveFilm’s service was very easy to use and the deliveries were very quick too. However, I prefer the watch online function but I was disappointed as not all titles were available to watch online.

Also yesterday, I sent our car for an air-con recharge and service. As the weather is getting colder, I thought an air-con recharge should speed up the heating process. At the moment, I have to wait 15-30 mins for the heat to get up to a reasonable temperature. So far, Mee and I are quite satisfied with the speed and heat generated. While waiting for the air-con recharged, we went for window shopping in town and I wore my iPod Nano Tik Tok watch for the first time. At first, it looked huge on my hand but after a while, I kind of got used to it and I noticed that some people were looking at my watch at times. It a bit annoying when iPod went into sleep mode and in order to look at the time again, I had to press the Sleep/Wake button. I hope that Apple would introduce an additional function in their next firmware where user can choose to dim the screen instead of turn the screen completely off.

Christmas soon

No doubt Christmas is fast approaching. Every year, the celebrations seem to get earlier and earlier. Just weeks ago, Christmas trees have already been put up in the town centre. Dozen of retail stores have started decorating and having sales. Very soon, my colleagues will be talking about our yearly Christmas presents where each of us will buy a small gift and put into together into a sack. On our final working day before our Christmas break, we will each draw one out and that will be our Christmas present. I wonder what will be their selection of Christmas gifts for babies as one of my colleagues has got a baby girl and another baby coming soon. My other colleagues might get something for that colleague since it’s Christmas.

Hmm… I don’t think that I ever bought anything for myself during Christmas. Well, I mean something expensive. All I ever got during previous Christmases was clothing. As I mentioned in my previous post, I might get myself an iPod Nano watch. It’s nothing new, it’s just an iPod Nano plus a watch strap. I have done some research for the past few days and most smart watches are either expensive or ugly. I think iPod Nano watch might just do it well for me. To my surprise, Sony Ericsson had developed a series of bluetooth watches a few years ago. However, no one knows why they decided to discontinue it.

iPod Nano as my watch

As discussed in my previous posts, although not in detail, I kind of decided to gamble on Lunatik Multitouch watch strap for iPod Nano. I said gamble because I found out that it is cheaper to buy at eBay. Actually, a lot cheaper. The retail price is at £69 while eBay is selling only around £25 at most including postage. And it is delivered from Hong Kong. The price is a little bit hard to believe and that’s what I am going to gamble. It’s always a hit and miss sometimes when doing deal at eBay but I do hope it’s a hit for me this time.

Anything thing about it is that Lunatik Multitouch watch strap looks bulky but it offers protection to iPod Nano. I am just a bit worry that it might look huge on my wrist. I tried to imagine it but comparing the measurements to my normal watches but who knows when it comes to seeing the real thing. Overall, I kind of make the decision to use iPod Nano as a watch and it makes a perfect Christmas present for myself too!

eBay is almost always the place where I can find things which I couldn’t find at sites like Amazon or Play.com. However, this time, it’s harder to find Lunatik products than necklace extender products! I can’t imagine that a product that popular in US can’t easily be found in UK! Well, having said that, after a trip to Hong Kong early this year, I found out that they have more people using Apple products (especially iPad and iPhone) there than anywhere else in UK.

Watch strap for iPod Nano

Lunatik Tiktok + Multitouch
Lunatik Tiktok + Multitouch

My last decent watch’s battery died on me a couple of months ago. Well, I say decent because it’s the watch that I can wear to work. I have one last working watch but it’s funky. The battery itself costs from £25 to £40.I don’t really want to spend that kind of money just to get my watch working again considering that I can replace the battery a lot cheaper back in my home country.

Since then, I have been looking for a replacement. Not just any replacement but a watch that doesn’t need battery to operate. Kinetic may be the solution but it’s not cheap depending on brand and design. I guess I could have just got a normal kinetic watch and change it when it’s broken? Well, being me, I just would like something a little bit different. Chronograph watches like michael kors watch are what I like but it costs a lot with added kinetic feature.

Just a couple of days ago, I went into Apple online store and saw iWatchz watch strap for iPod Nano. I was attracted by the idea immediately. How nice it would be to use a gadget as a watch and vice versa. Best of all, I don’t have to think about the battery. It’s the solution for me but as experience told me, I shouldn’t get to excited. I started reading reviews and watching videos to see how practical it would be to wear an iPod Nano. It’s not all too bad though I am a little bit worry about the size.

The other concern that I had, which is not a concern for me anymore is the need to press the ON/OFF switch whenever I want to see the time. On second thought, I rely on my mobile phone at the moment which requires me to press a button to see the time.

Anyway, I might not be after iWatchz watch strap anymore. Minimal Lunatik’s Tiktoks and Multitouch attract me the most. All reviews compliment the quality of the strap compared to iWatchz. It costs more than iWatchz but as I always say, you get what you paid for.