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Junk mails

Guess what we got in our mails today. A mail from Dawson regarding the latest pod hd in store. I can’t quite get how Dawson manages to get the details of my new house. I don’t think I ever updated their mailing list for my account. It’s the same thing like when I got a new Orange sim card a few months ago. I never used the Orange number for any purposes at all. In fact, I don’t even know the number. Still, I get cold calls every now and then. When I told that to my manager, he seemed to think that those call centres staffs just work through a set of incremental mobile numbers. That’s make sense though.

Anyway, the pod hd looks cool but looking at my house now, I haven’t even got a clue where to put our Yamaha keyboard. It’s full of stuffs and until we can sort out our kitchen and lounge, most of the things will stay in the second room for now. The longer I wait, I think the longer it will take me to tidy up the house. I better get a move on tomorrow!

Supporting the local shops

Mee and I received a couple of junk mails today and one had really made Mee quite upset about it. She had already rang the company a couple of months back to remove our address from the database. It’s understandable that we will still receive mails for a couple of weeks after that but to receive another mail after a few months is just unacceptable. Mee rang the company again and apparently, our address is still on their system. The lady on the other end of the phone was quite helpful and hopefully, our address is removed from their system for good. Another mail that we got was again, the local Dawson music store. This time, it was about gibson acoustic guitar. This is one of the local shops that I don’t mind them sending mails to me. Who knows that I might be interested in some of the stuffs and I always prefer to buy stuffs from local shops if the price is right. I just feel that buying things from the internet is sometimes too unhealthy for local shops.

I would want to be able to go on a street and buy things that I want rather than always go on to the internet. The internet is always a good place to compare prices among store but the good things about shopping at high street is that I would be able to see, hold and try out the things.


Looking for a house really takes quite a lot of time. My inbox is now full of surveys which I have yet to complete. The time I am on Rightmove website is more than any websites at the moment. I wonder if I will still visit Rightmove website after Mee and I found the house we wanted. My colleagues seem to be quite excited when they heard about us looking for a house. Some of them visit Rightmove website once in a while even though they have no intention of moving or buying house.

Anyway, until Mee and I finally move, I am not sure if I can concentrate doing the surveys. I am not even bothered to clear the junk mails that have come through to my inbox. I have also not managed to visit one of the websites that I frequented in the past, http://www.goldeneaglecoin.com. I wonder if there are any changes to it since I last visited. Talking about website changes, Engadget website is one of the websites that I dislike after they changed the interface. It just looks a lot worse now especially the post titles and the font being used. I would rather add Engadget into my Flipboard app and browse it that way.

Good stuff out of junk

Ever since Mee and I bought our first travel insurance during our trip to Amsterdam, I reckon that we will be doing the same thing for all of our future trips. Considering that many countries are now so unpredictable, both economy and politic, it’s best to travel with an insurance rather than not. However, soon after we bought our second travel insurance from the trip to Greece, I start to receive more and more mails regarding all sorts of insurance, including emails of course. The tick of not agreeing on receiving third party information seems to work programmatically but not in reality. On the other hand, out of those emails, I do realise that there are some sites that compare cd type annuities instead of having to browse individual sites for information which can be quite time consuming.

Sometimes I just feel that internet is overloaded with tons of information but only a few of them are worthy to note. Take twitter for example, I get hundreds of new tweets every minute and to be honest, there will only be a couple of good ones. Junk mails are not necessary junk to me. They contain some good stuffs too but only if you have the time to browse them through.