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Lenovo Thinkpad X230

I have recently bought a used laptop to replace our old desktop computer. It actually took me quite a while to find one that I really like. I looked at a few other sites; facebook, gumtree and preloved. Surprisingly, there were more laptops on sales in facebook than gumtree and preloved. And to my surprise, there were not many people looking for used laptops because many of the posts did not have any queries against them. Most laptops that were sold were mainly because of the color and the look of them. However, I was quite determine when I saw a Lenovo Thinkpad X230 post.

To be honest, if it’s just a Lenovo laptop, not the Thinkpad series, I would probably pass. I paid £120 for it and the original post was £160. I think at £120, it’s really a bargain considering it’s a Intel Core i5-3320M with 4GB RAM with a 12.5″ screen size and comes with Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. It weights the same as my MacBook Air but much bulkier. It’s probably three times thicker than my MacBook Air.

I was actually a little bit worried since I know that Windows 10 free upgrade has already expired. It means that I may be stuck with Windows 7 Pro on this Lenovo Thinkpad X230. However, a search on the internet reveals that the free upgrade is still available for users who use assistive technologies. The good news is that it doesn’t check if the person who is upgrading their Windows actually uses assistive technologies. Hence, it’s still free for all and at the moment, Microsoft has not set an expiry on the upgrade.

This Lenovo Thinkpad X230 also comes with a fingerprint scanner. I have to say that after upgrading to Windows 10, it takes a bit of time in loading the login screen as it is trying to detect the fingerprint scanner. It’s about a good five seconds before I can either use the fingerprint scanner or keyboard to login. However, I was a bit surprised last night. I had shut it down the night before and the fingerprint scanner flashed intermittently when I opened the lid. I tried to scan it with my finger and the laptop started up itself and logged straight in to Windows. That’s something I didn’t expect it to do.

On the downside, the WiFi only supports 2.4GHz which is not really a problem. I just like to use newer technologies and using 2.4GHz is a step down for me but I can live with it. Lenovo Thinkpad X230 actually started its life later than my MacBook Air but I am able to connect to 5GHz network using my MacBook Air.

By logging into Lenovo website and typed in the serial number of my Lenovo Thinkpad X230, I found out that it was purchased in December 2013 and it still has warranty until the end of this month. How cool is that?

I find myself using Lenovo Thinkpad X230 more often that I have not touched my Macbook Air in the last week or so. It is a fast machine though starting it up takes a lot longer than the Macbook Air. Furthermore, I cannot leave it on standby as it will not last overnight. Macbook Air, on the other hand, can be on standby for weeks. However, by using the fingerprint function, I can just swipe my finger and it will boot into Windows and log in straightaway.

The screen itself is difficult to work with. Hence, I hooked the Lenovo Thinkpad X230 to a 19″ Hanns-G monitor. I am planning to hook another 19″ Hanns-G monitor on it through the mini display port but there is not space on the computer table currently. The idea is to get some shelves from IKEA and the computer table will be de-cluttered and there will be a space for two monitors by then.

Till then, I am really satisfied with the purchase. It is fit for purpose and nippy for daily use. Luckily, I do not play PC games anymore as I do not think it will fare very well. The Lenovo Thinkpad X230 handles Tiberium Alliances pretty well though, better than the Macbook Air.

Not Too Long

Well, it doesn’t seem to be that long since I last posted something here. A lot of things have been going on and I just hasn’t got the time or mood to post. I thought it must have been about six months since I last posted. Surprisingly, it’s not even two months. With all the gadgets that I have, I seem to have become less excited in blogging.

When I first started blogging with just shared computer, I wish that I could have a laptop. When I finally have enough money to buy a netbook, which was great for blogging by the way, I still failed to blog more often. Not long after, I complained about my netbook being slow. Well, it’s more about Windows being slow rather than the netbook itself. I bought a MacBook Air. It starts up in less than 5 seconds and I still failed to update my blog as much as I like.

Then another question popped up. It would be great to have an iPad. It’s portable and WordPress has an app for it. It will be faster than my MacBook Air. Posting from an app, how cool would that be at that time. Still, it’s no answer to my blogging habit. In fact, I don’t think I ever posted anything using my iPad.

Another question popped up. iPad doesn’t have a 3G connection. That means I cannot post anywhere I like. My HTC I just too slow. I have to have an iPhone. I bought one. The worst case now is that I post less and less with all the gadgets I have. Maybe blogging is an excuse for me to get new gadgets? To be quite honest, I am not sure what other gadgets I can get now by using blogging as an excuse.


I haven’t been blogging for almost a month. It sounded like a long time, which it really is, but I don’t remember it for being that long. In fact, I have not been using my Macbook Air for a couple of weeks now! What have I been doing? I have been quite busy working and the moment I come home, I just want to eat my dinner and rest on the sofa. It’s something that I haven’t been able to do for the past 6 or 7 years. Hence, I will be either watching TV or playing PS3.

Initially, I thought I would be going crazy on PS3 but I don’t. I can control the time I play and I can stop anytime I want or not even switch it on at all. I think it has something to do with age. I don’t think I will be able to control myself if I had a PS3 or some sort 10 years ago. Right now, I am playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 and it’s getting quite exciting now that I got the hang of it. Still, Final Fantasy VII has the better gameplay and story, maybe not graphic.

Managing hard drive space …

I finally removed my copy of Parallel 7 which wasn’t working since I last upgraded my Mac OSX. The copy of Windows XP running from Parallel has taken up 3GB of space for the past 1 or 2 years. Well, by removing the Parallel and Windows XP, I gained about 3.3GB. I then lost about 4GB of space when I copied Mee’s iPhone 5S photos and videos onto my Macbook Air. Apparently, her iPhone is already filled with photos and videos during our trip to Malaysia. Most of the photos and videos are on her nephew.

To be quite honest, my Macbook Air comes with 120GB of space. Around 60GB would be the photos and videos but the other half of it, I don’t have a clue. I have already moved my apps data to my external drive. I tried to copy the photos and videos to my external drive too but it took a long time as iPhoto stores everything in a single file. Copying a 60GB file is not a fun thing to do at all.

Windows on Mac?

I am seriously thinking of removing my copy of Windows XP which I installed on my Macbook Air. It’s taking up gigabytes of space and I am not really using it for like a year now. I am using Parallel to run it but it stops working every time I upgraded my Macbook Air OSX. Some of my friends who have Macbook don’t actually use OSX. Instead, they formatted their Macbook and install Windows. They install some music software which aren’t compatible with OSX. Lately, one of them bought an exciting hammond keyboard at Musicians Friend and uses a software that runs on their Windows Macbook and link it to the keyboard. Well, why not just buy a Windows laptop? That would be my question.

Mac users are growing and growing fast. I would have thought that most software developers nowadays do create software for both Windows and Mac. In addition, specialised Mac software targeting musics and photos are much powerful than Windows and they are not available in Windows version. Certainly I would want my Macbook to run OSX if I were interested in music. Anyway, it’s their choice and not mine to make. I am content running OSX and it sounds quite sad sometimes as I only use my £800 Macbook Air to organise my life and blogging occasionally.

OS X Mavericks …

I have been using OS X Mavericks for a couple of weeks now and so far, I have been quite impressed by the performance that it promised. I am not sure the battery life yet though it seems a bit jumpy and inaccurate. Moreover, the first thing I notice is the lag in launch pad. It doesn’t bug me too much since I don’t use launch pad a lot. When I first got my MacBook Air, it was on Snow Leopard. I was already impressed by this little machine as it started up in no time and the stand by time is just amazing. I can literally leave it for a few weeks and not worrying the battery being dead. Lion and Mountain Lion came and each upgrade brought more functionalities but it seemed to have slowed my MacBook Air. On Mountain Lion, I had to wait for around 15 seconds before I was allowed to type my password to login to my MacBook Air. I thought that’s it, maybe it’s time to clear my MacBook Air and reinstall everything. Now thinking about it, I am glad that I was lazy. OS X Mavericks doesn’t have lots of new functionalities but it certainly addresses the speed issues on my MacBook Air.

My MacBook Air now feels like new and I am quite sure the launch pad will be fixed in the next update.