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Back to Malaysia …

Friday is Chinese New Year. My brothers and sister are now back at home. As usual, the day before the Chinese New Year is always the reunion dinner. Surprisingly, I was told that the weather seems to be a bit cool this year. I always remember Chinese New Year to be a hot and humid days. On the other hand, UK’s weather seems to be quite unusual too. It’s cold but compared to previous years, it’s not near as cold and it’s winter. In the past, I had to wear two coats and gloves. This year, I only need to wear one jacket and that’s it. Elsewhere in the UK, there have been serious flooding issues.

Well, I think it’s a bit worrying though there’s not much I can do at all. It’s beyond my control anyway.

Being at home at this time is certainly ideal. However, considering that I am living in UK and going back to Malaysia is like going for a holiday, it is deemed as a bit waste of time. I always like to shop around in Kuala Lumpur and meeting friends when I am back in Malaysia. If I were to go back during Chinese New Year, most of my time will be at home. Quite possibly the whole time. In addition, my sister always goes back during Chinese New Year and most of the time, she will go on travel with our parents. Hence, it might not be a great time for me to go back.

Malaysia trip …

I didn’t mention a lot about my last trip to Malaysia. It was kind of busy and I was very busy at work too. I didn’t get the excitement of going back home. It felt like just going for a holiday. I am not sure why I have that kind of feeling. A lot of my colleagues were asking if I were excited. Hmmm…. I was not sure how to response to that because I didn’t feel excited. It’s almost felt like a routine although it’s been almost three years since Mee and I went back to Malaysia. For some reason, I was glad that I am back to UK; going back to my house and work.

Anyway, on our flight back to UK, someone took out a packet of durian and started eating. The moment he opened the container, we smelt durian. When confronted by the air stewardess, he said he didn’t know it’s durian. How could anyone buy something that they don’t know about? Especially it’s for consumption!!! Moments later, the none smoking signs were in red and the captain announced to remind everyone that smoking is illegal. It seemed like someone was smoking in the toilet. However, there were no more announcement after that. I am really surprised that in this day and age, there are still ill-considerate people in an airplane. I suppose flying has become more and more affordable nowadays.

The airline we flew with was Emirates. We kind of decided not to go for it anymore. It’s not because of those small incidents. It’s because Mee didn’t like the seats as they were too straight and the cushions were like very hard.

Stocking up lingerie

One of the things that Mee and I always do when we go back to Malaysia is buying lingerie and mens underwear. It’s not exactly expensive to buy lingerie or underwear in UK but in Malaysia, there are some familiar brands that I like or designs that Mee like and can’t be found in UK. Brands like Renoma and Hush Puppies are the ones that I would normally go for. Mee on the other hand, only chooses Triumph. Although Triumph has stores in UK, the designs and styles target more to UK market rather than South East Asia market.

On our last trip back to Malaysia, we bought more than usual. In return, we got special discounts, vouchers and a lucky draw. The vouchers were no use to us as it only valid for a month or so. We would have been back in UK by then. The lucky draw though, got us a bit excited. After we paid for the purchase, we followed the linked on the draw. When clicked, it stated click here for lingerie. Well, it’s not really a draw then, it’s just another trick to get you to buy online. We asked the customer service but no one seemed to know true meaning of the draw. Well, we do know the meaning of it, it just doesn’t make sense.

Estate agents

So far, Mee and I have gone to see about three estate agents. While they have different types of approach; some friendly, some doesn’t seem like they want to make any business, some seems like they work alone, some thinks that we are not going to buy at all, they seem to be using the same real estate business card templates. Don’t they think that they need to be a little bit different from their competitors? Well, I can’t comment much anyway since I am not in the real estate business. They might think that it’s only a card and as long as it has all the necessary information, it should be good. I beg to differ though. It can say a lot about a business but that’s just me.

My first and second jobs in Malaysia required me to travel extensively but locally. Not totally true since I had travelled to Thailand once for work purposes. Anyway, I distributed hundreds of business cards in the span of a couple of months and I did receive a lot too. Initially, I was really proud to own my set of business cards but soon, I was not bothered by it and wished that I hadn’t had any business cards to give out. The simple reason was that so nobody could contact me. Receiving business cards was another story. Some business cards were really plain looking card, probably the cheapest dealer they could find, and some really make an effort in making a good first impression. Some people would that a business card should be straightforward but I was always fascinated by business cards that tried to make a difference.

Live and work

It is no secret that Mee and I will be going back to Malaysia this coming December. My new contract will start on 1st of May 2013 and since I am already working for my new manager now, I have mentioned to him about Mee and my plan. His first reaction was not surprised at all. He didn’t think it was a problem at all whereas if I tell either my manager or my team leader, I am quite sure I will get a different reaction. Hmmm… I believe that’s what I was trying to tell Mee today; the difference between working with my current manager and future manager. I feel a lot more relax in the next half of my working day. Till now, I can’t still work out why both my manager and my team leader couldn’t be bothered to tell the rest of the team about me working half day here and another half in another department.

Anyway, I am thinking of getting a mace pepper spray for Mee while we are in Malaysia. Looking at the news, the current Malaysia is not the same Malaysia that Mee and I used to live and work before. That’s also one of the many reasons why buying a property here is the way forward and maybe settling down in the UK. I know that both my brothers live and work in Malaysia for many years now but Mee and I have left Malaysia to work in UK for more than 6 years now. It can be quite nerve wreaking to think about leaving everything behind and start again in Malaysia. Well, that’s what we did to come to UK but that to us was the correct decision. At the moment, I am not convince that leaving UK for Malaysia is the right decision.

Living abroad …

Mee and I plan to go back to Malaysia this year’s December. One of the reasons is that we have not been back for more than two years now. Living abroad is never easy when you home country is so far away. And it really costs a lot for just that one trip. I guess this time, I will get a lot of questions from relatives and friends whether or not we are going to live in UK for good or we have plans to go back to Malaysia. My answer will always be the same; since I already have a job in UK, that would be the main focus point and I tend to do well in any job I am in. Hence, as long as my current company is willing to let me continue working, I don’t really see the need to go back to Malaysia where Mee and I have to start all over again. You could probably say that our families are back there and we can have all the help we want, possibly. But then again, one of my reasons of coming to UK is to be financial independent and believe, I was very reliant on my parents in the past and it feels so good at the moment that I can be very independent.

Living abroad has really made me a bit more mature. Living and working abroad do not necessary make you a richer person. I still have to work and save in order to get the things I want. Though I earn in British pounds, the things that I spend on would be in pounds as well. If I have never been in UK before, I would definitely think differently. Sometimes, I felt like English is my mother tongue even though I still don’t speak very good English. It’s just that I have to speak English in the office on a daily basis that it becomes norm for me to think in English too. And all this have become natural to me whereas in the past, my mind could get scrambled up trying to think what to say or ask when I was in a conversation. I believe that’s a good thing, isn’t it?