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Work stuffs

The company has just announced a salary increment from January but unfortunately, I am not eligible. I can’t really complain too much as at the moment, it seems like having a job is more important than anything else. In addition, there hasn’t been any increment for the past couple of years and there has been quite a lot of people made redundant. Having said that, a lot of those staffs who were made redundant have amazingly come back to work again. It’s hard to determine how these stuffs work.

Come Monday, there will be new equipment like the tascam at Guitar Center to boost the college’s music courses. I have been to the music room and to be honest, it doesn’t wow me. Most of the rooms are quite small and dark. That’s not really a good way to attract students. However, we would hope that the new equipment could be the talking point and then boost the interest of students in that department.

Dawsons music

I wrote about our local music store Dawsons quite a few times before. When Mee and I went to town centre today, it just prompts me to walk into the store and have a look around. There were some cool discount guitars on sale and that also reminded me of me ex-manager who said he was going to town to pick up some guitar strings. Anyway, the layout of the store has changed and they seem to have less stock than before and there’s a bigger area for music class. I guess they have better revenues in teaching music rather than just selling music equipment.

Sigh, every time I blog about music, it also reminds me of the keyboard that Mee and I bought a while back. I guess I don’t have the talent in playing music. Or maybe I am just lazy and prefer to play games rather than be interested in music. If we were living in a house right now and have a space for our keyboard rather than boxed up right now, Mee might be interested in playing it once a while. In any way, I can’t imagine myself playing the keyboard anymore.


The keyboard that we bought about a year ago is now gathering dust. I guess that I want to be interested in music but I just don’t put in enough effort. I have garage band installed on my PC as well as my iPad2 but I don’t think that I have actually run them many times before. I still receive newsletters and emails from the shop where I bought the keyboard. Most of the times, it’s about the latest product available in their store like the new Bigsby kit. It doesn’t interest me much because they are guitars’ equipment. I think that I still prefer to listen to music instead. In fact, I am trying out my iPhone 5 earphone at the moment. You know, the oddly shaped earphone. It’s the first time I actually took the earphone out of its box since I bought my iPhone 5 back in October. Hmm… the sound seems a bit clearer and the bass is definitely better. But that’s maybe because the earphone actually fits better than the old earphone. I have an in ear JVC earphones which I reckon it sounds better than this but my ears hurt if I use it for a long period. Mind you I don’t do loud music. Anyway, this new Apple earphones might allow me to enjoy better music since the traditional earphones are too loose to give enough bass and the in ear earphones are not comfortable for my ears.


Well, it’s not the keyboard that you might be thinking now. Every week, I vacuum Mee and my rented room at least once. And every time, I will for sure lift up our piano keyboard to make sure that there is no spider living around it. So far, no surprise for me. ¬†Anyway, we bought the keyboard like half a year ago and from the beginning, we were quite excited and almost played it everyday. As time goes, we just get more busy with our work and more lazy to play it. Now, it’s just sitting at the corner of our room.

Every now and then, I only thought about it when I receive an email from the company where we bought the keyboard. I do believe that the keyboard is now obsolete and the company is currently promoting Korg Kronos 88. I keep thinking that someday, when Mee and I own our own home, we will be able to have table for it rather than hiding it in the corner. Then, the only excuse we will have for not playing it would be just pure lazy rather than it’s troublesome to take it out from the corner or no space in the room. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long for the day to come!