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Playstation 3 Download Management

I have been using my Playstation 3 for over a year now. Considering that my version of Playstation 3, which is the super slim model, is about 2 years in the market when I bought it, one would have thought the software and hardware have improved over the years. Mind you that the first Playstation 3 was announce about 9 years ago. Sadly, apart from being smaller, lighter and more options on the storage size of things, everything else stays the same. I wasn’t very annoyed since it’s a gaming console and I suppose it will play every games labelled with PS3 compatible.

On one sales event, I bought a few bundled games which came with a lot of downloadable contents (DLC). Most DLCs are quite small in size and it should take matter of 10-20 seconds to complete download and install. However, after installing a few DLCs, I thought I might as well get on with playing the game and download the DLCs later. That’s what I did and when I went back to the download list again, the interface only showed me the list of games and DLCs which I have bought. It didn’t state which items have been downloaded and installed. Imagine having tons of games and DLCs, how would I know which ones I haven’t downloaded yet?

I turned to Google for solution. It doesn’t seem like a lot of people are talking about it. Do they not care or downloading games aren’t popular yet? For me, it’s a flaw in the system. It’s easy to identify if I had downloaded the game because I can just look at my game list. I wouldn’t want to re-download all the DLCs again just to be sure that I have actually installed all the DLCs. Seeing that Playstation 4 is already here, I doubt there will be any more improvements on Playstation 3 XMB interface.

Playing Games

Just when I thought I was a bit bored playing my Playstation 3, I started to search for my all time favourite game; Fifa. Well, I try not to spend a lot in games especially on new games like Fifa 15 which will cost a whopping £34.99. My second option is to look for previous version and pre-owned as well as research on the difference of the versions. Then, it came down to either Fifa 14 or Fifa 13 and they cost £12 and £3 respectively. Considering it’s only a year apart between the two, the pre-owned prices were so huge. After much consideration, I opted for Fifa 13 as it only cost £3. I don’t mind not having the latest rosters or the latest players in the team. As such, Fifa 13 works out great for me in terms of price and satisfaction. The only downside is it being Blu-Ray and it can get a bit noisy when the PS3 unit loads the game.

Not long after that, in fact, it was two days ago, there comes the Black Friday sale. Fifa 14 dropped to £10 but it didn’t bother me. It’s still more than three times more expensive than Fifa 13. However, something else caught my eyes, Grand Theft Auto 5. It dropped from £14.99 to £10 at the Game store. It was about £20 when I went to CEX, a shop specialises in pre-owned electronics and games. Without second thought, I bought it as I believe that it’s limited availability in terms of price and stock.

There I have, two of my favourite games, Fifa and Grand Theft Auto. They should keep me company for quite some time. I don’t think Fifa is a game that has an ending. Hence, even if I finished Grand Theft Auto 5, I will still have Fifa to keep me going.

Car is a liability

Everyone seems to be getting a new car nowadays. Well, not really everyone but there are a few of my colleagues who are either driving a new car or waiting for their new cars to arrive. I am not sure if I will get the same excitement as they do. One of them have some expensive Amps fitted while some have leather seats or huge alloy wheels. To be honest, nothing seems to excite me much. When I received my house key, I was quite calm. When I received my PS3, it was like another gadget to me. I don’t feel the need to have to play it right away. I could go days without playing it too. Whereas in the past, when I first got my PSP, I played night and day. Even Mee has to start putting restrictions on my play time.

When I bought my Ford Focus, I was quite excited. It’s my first car in UK. My second car, Toyota Auris, though newer, I didn’t get the same kind of excitement. Maybe I have more responsibilities now than before. Most people in UK can afford better cars because they are cheap. You can also make monthly payments to ‘hire’ a car. It’s cheaper than hiring a car for leisure. The monthly payments will mean that you only need to put petrol, everything else is covered. At the end of the three or four years term, you can then choose whether to keep the car by paying an amount of money, or change to a newer car by continuing the monthly payment scheme. To some people, it’s good because you can always drive a new car. For us, I prefer to just buy the car outright. I don’t need new car or sports car because I just think car as a liability. The price is never going to increase the moment I get the car key. I will need to keep pumping my cash in until such time when it becomes too much, I will have to look for another car. It will be really nice to have money to spare on car but we don’t have that luxury. We just have to be satisfied with what we have.

By the way, driving a new car may make both Mee and me mad. We will be thinking about where to park and always aware of the road condition.

Sony Playstation Store …

Since purchasing PS3, I find that every month, there will be some games on sale. Some games can be really cheap. The one that I notice this month is Grid 2. I was selling at £47.99 before this and now it dropped to £8.15. I just thought why drop so much? It doesn’t happen very often but so far, there will be one or two games that have the price dropped by such a huge margin. Sometimes, you can pick up a game for as little as £3. In my opinion, it’s better to download the games rather than having piles of Blu-Ray discs laying around. I have two discs that come free with my PS3. I might get another one or two just because I have the HMV vouchers to spend on. Unfortunately, February sale doesn’t excite me. I already have Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Driver which I believe are much better games than Grid 2. Well, any games with an open world is always better.

Surprisingly, I haven’t had the urge of getting Fifa. I played Fifa many many years ago. I believe the first Fifa I played was Fifa 1996 on my computer. I stopped a few series in between and also switched from computer to PSP. Now that I have PS3, I will definitely get Fifa when it becomes cheap. While the gameplay has improved tremendously since 1996, I do believe that Fifa 1998 is the best! Some people play Fifa and hoping for the gameplay to be good but Fifa 1998 is just so much fun. It’s not realistic at all but who cares? Gaming is supposed to be fun! Who wants to be playing a game with a character like themselves?

Gaming days …

It’s getting a bit bored now, playing Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning. I don’t really have much control of the character except following the quests’ instructions and the map which has pointer that shows me where to go. However, I am still playing it because I just want to see the end of it. At the back of my mind, I am also thinking of playing the game as another character, the character who is great in magic. Every time I play this type of games, I always choose the warrior type of character. I guess it’s about time to try something different.

Playstation Network is currently having sales on Final Fantasy games. At the moment, I am thinking of getting Final Fantasy XIII-2 at around £8. The sales end on the 6th of February. That leaves me about a week to grab it. I am weighing the pros and cons between downloading the game and getting the physical disc of the game. To me, playing any game from the hard drive is always faster than running discs. And discs make the Playstation unit noisy too. On the other hand, I like the idea of owning a physical disc, but that’s just me.

Spam comments …

Before my last few posts, I think I took like a couple of months off from blogging. Since then, the comment section has increased drastically. I am not sure whether to laugh or cry as almost all of the comments were spam. What I don’t understand is how my blog can attract so many unwanted comments. To this date, there are 31,911 comments. I have been clearing them whenever I can so that it won’t slow the blog down. Sometime later, I will try to google for a solution to stop people from spamming my blog with thousands of comments.

My other blog is just laying idle at the moment and I can’t imagine how many comments it has raked up. I know that I have said numerous times that having WordPress on my iPhone and iPad will definitely encourage me to blog more often. However, there’s always something crop up that kind of prevents me from continue blogging. For example, my latest technology addition, or addiction, Playstation 3. My late night is usually movie hours but now, I have to choose between the two of them. No, I have to choose between the two of them and sleep.

Yeah, I have decided to try and move my sleep time to a few hours earlier. 10 – 11pm would be ideal. My idea is that I will sleep early, and wake up early. By the end of last year, I am ashamed to say that my sleep time was around 2 – 3am.  Yesterday, I managed to go to bed at 1am and the day before was 1.30am. With a little more effort, I don’t see why I am not able to achieve early sleep time. One thing that is worrying me is that I may not be able to stay up late if need to. Hence, I devised another plan which is to sleep early during weekdays, but sleep later during weekends. That should work, shouldn’t it?!