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Rightmove …

Rightmove seems like the website to go to when looking to buy a house. Some people that have been giving me house buying advice seem to think that estate agents would normally contact potential buyers first before publishing the house details on Rightmove website. From what I have seen so far, estate agents rely quite heavily on Rightmove and the first thing they do is to publish on Rightmove. Some estate agents do not even bother to update their own website.

Looking for a house to buy can be fun and frustrating at the same time. With a website like Rightmove, it makes it a lot less tedious. I can save the houses that I like and even create alert when a new listing is added. I didn’t use the alert function as I prefer to check the website every now and then. Whenever a new property is added, it kind of excites me. Over the past few days, there were a few properties that have their prices reduced by thousands of pounds. Most of them had initially priced their properties a lot higher than the market price. Well, some are not even in a good condition. I can’t help but wonder why they think their properties are better than others in the same area when clearly, they aren’t. Maybe when it’s our time to sell a property, we might put up a much higher price too.

House hunting Day 6

House hunting can be very fun and frustrating at the same time. Occasionally, you can find some funny things through the photos that the owners put up on the websites. In UK, the most popular website to browse for houses to buy would be Rightmove.co.uk. In one of the houses advertised, I saw an equipment which looks like a bed or some sort but it’s made of steel. Upon searching Google, I realised that it’s motorcycle lifts. People can really have all sorts of things at their home. Anyway, the frustrating thing is that you can’t always get what you want. We made an offer to a house that we really like. However, our offer was not good enough to beat another person’s offer. Needless to say, the owner went for the higher offer.

There’s a little story that happened in between but I am just to lazy to mention it all. It was supposed to be a simple process but the estate agent made it looked complicated. In the process of making the offer, I was contacted by three different member of staffs. You can imagine how confuse it can be when all three of them said slightly different things to me. Anyway, Mee and I are back in the hunt for a house again.

House hunting …

Our landlord came to collect rent just now and it was a great opportunity for us to ask him questions about houses. The first one I asked was the one nearby the place we rented at the moment. He suggested that we can go and have a look since the open house will be on this Saturday. He wouldn’t really recommend it since the first floor is not built from bricks and the front and the back are covered with roof tiles like materials. They look not bad but can be very difficult to maintain. We then showed him another two houses which he suggested that those should be the types of houses that we should be looking to buy. In between the conversation, he kept telling us not to buy houses like the one that we are living at the moment unless it’s absolutely cheap. The sound proof is really bad and being in a shared house, it just makes living in a room worst.

Anyway, we have managed to arrange a viewing time for both the houses tomorrow and hopefully, it will be a good result. Both houses are advertised by the same estate agents and it made it easier to arrange. Our landlord has also said that he will try to make it to the viewing. Just before he left, he also told us that we have the advantage being first time buyer since we are ready to move and the transaction can be completed quicker than those who are already in a mortgage.

New house

I have been looking at house for sale recently. I can’t wait to have a house for Mee and me. However, it’s kind of sensible to wait until everything is stable. At the moment, I will be looking at three months if no hiccups or major issues. Now I kind of understand the fun at looking at houses on the internet even though I am not going to purchase one right away. My colleagues do that and my uncle loves it too.

Two bedrooms or three bedrooms? This is the question that keeps popping up each time I look at houses for sale on the internet. To be honest, the difference in prices is not that huge. But I think it also depends on the age of the houses and how well maintained they are. I have seen quite a few two bedrooms houses and they are not exactly that big. I know that it’s going to be Mee and me for now but I think it’s best to think of the future while still affordable. What I love about three bedrooms houses is that most of them have an additional study room. Well, with that come into mind as well as the third bedroom, they can easily be a game room or theatre room, if I got the money. May have to purchase wall speakers as well as sound proof stuffs but I don’t think it will be too expensive to do if managed properly.

Anyway, these are just dreams at the moment. Come the time of really purchasing one, I might find that I only have enough money to purchase a two bedrooms house. I keep saying house is because apartment or flat is not really our target. We would love to have some sort of back garden or front porch. By the way, there’s always a service charge when living in an apartment. Having said all that, Mee and I actually went to see a new housing area sometime last year and we quite like the two bedrooms apartments there. Well, we’ll see when the time comes.