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White Lithium Grease …

My Toyota Auris’ car door has developed a squeaking sound. It only happens on the driver side at the moment. I remember that when I took my Ford Focus for a service, the mechanic will always spray a white liquid type of thing on the doors’ mechanism. I assume that white liquid helps the operation of the car’s doors. On my Toyota Auris, it looks clean. I can’t help but wonder if the car dealer had known about the problem and just temporary fixed it so that I won’t discover it until after I paid the money.


Anyway, I searched high and low on the internet. Some forum posters suggested WD40. I did manage to find out that while WD40 is really something, it attracts dusts and dirt which doesn’t sound like a good idea for fixing the squeaking car door. In the end, I found out that the white liquid stuff is actually called White Lithium Grease. It can prevent rust and dirt. I can’t wait to apply it but I have to wait till weekend. It will be dark by the time I reach home after work and I like to clean the area first rather than just spraying the White Lithium Grease on top of it. By the way, White Lithium Grease is a product of WD40 too. I could use some on my room’s door too.

Driving in the snow …

It’s my second day of driving in the snow. I may be exaggerating a bit here because there weren’t many snow. I only had to drive a short distance to reach the main road which was already cleared. Well, my first impression is that Toyota Auris seems to hold better than my previous Ford. The previous Ford always had a terrible sound when the traction control came in and it struggled in slushy and icy road. When the forecast said it was going to snow, I actually did a search on how Toyota Auris performs in snow. Most of them said it was rubbish. Having driving my Toyota Auris these two days, I like to think that they didn’t know how to drive in snow. Hence, it’s not Toyota Auris’ problem.

I got out of the driveway with no problem and no skid considering that it has no traction control system in place. I still can’t believe my Ford, which would have been 13 years now, has the traction control system and Toyota Auris has it as optional. I would have thought that traction control is standard nowadays. To be honest, I bought Toyota Auris only because it has climate control, cheap to insure and it’s only 1.33 litre engine. Having said that it is a 1.33 litre engine, it doesn’t seem to be much difference compared to my previous 1.6 litre Ford Focus. Maybe the Ford Focus has lost too much of its engine power over the years. Given a choice next time, I believe I will go for european car instead.

Driving style …

I still remember when I passed my driving test, I wasn’t allowed to drive the family car on my own. My father would sit on the passenger seat and see me drive for a few months. It is a Honda Accord and it is still  at my parents’ home. The car must have been at least 20 years old now. Since then, my very first car was a Proton Wira. It gave me a lot of trouble but from there, I learnt a lot about cars and some very good mechanics too. It’s a manual car and I don’t remember that I had any problem shifting gears with it. What I am trying to say here is that I don’t remember the car jerked every time I changed gear. Then, I sold it and bought Proton Waja. When driving the Proton Waja, it jerked half of the time when I changed gear. I blamed it to the stiff clutch. I consulted my mechanic and he said that there was no way of soften the clutch. Well, I did read some articles saying that some clutches could be loosen to improve gear change.

Anyway, few years later, I came to UK and bought a Ford Focus. The clutch was almost like my father’s Honda Accord. It was so deep but I thought the gear change was a lot smoother in Ford Focus compared to Proton Waja. I think about after a year driving the Ford Focus, the engine seemed to lost power and the first gear often stuttered and I had to depress a great deal amount of the accelerator. Hence, whenever I drive my sister’s car, Toyota Corolla, I tend to rev higher during first gear although her car doesn’t require that kind of treatment.

Now that I sold my Ford Focus and got myself a Toyota Auris, I have to change my driving style yet again. In reality, it’s a lot easy to drive but since I am already used to driving Ford Focus, I found myself having trouble when driving Toyota Auris at first. Occasionally, it is still jerky whenever I change gear. I like to think it’s a lot better now as I have tried a few different methods such as releasing the clutch half way after gear change or release the accelerator first before depressing the clutch. Just recently, I started not releasing the accelerator fully while changing gear which seems like a better method. I still need sometime to get better and I do think that I am getting better. Hmm… an automatic car would be a lot easier. It guess it’s always a challenge when driving a manual car.

Free Visual Safety Check …

Just before I decided to purchase my current Toyota Auris, I did some research on Toyota Dealer. It turns out that they offer Free Visual Safety Check for all Toyotas. Hence, I booked my car in as soon as I bought it. Even though the car dealer, where I got my Toyota Auris, had done the MOT, I still felt a little bit unsafe. Well, the MOT failed at first due to a tail light bulb. I was told that the light bulb has been changed but when I got home, it was still not working. I then had to make another trip to the car dealer. Unfortunately, the sales person who dealt with my purchase was not in on that day. Another guy came to look at the light bulb. The first thing he said was that the car has passed its MOT with a hint of how could the light bulb go bad. Well, I should be asking the question.

Anyway, my car had its visual safety check done by Toyota dealer today and there appeared to be no major problems. There were only a few advisory problems due to wear and tear which I have already known from the MOT check. At least I got the car checked twice and I have the same report. Mee and I can now be happy with this car. I have to say the person who explained the report to me is the type of person whom I like to deal with. He told me the problems that I needed to be aware and then proceeded to say that I didn’t have to change the parts now as it can still last me for this long. When I went to Kwik Fit for the past three years, they just wanted me to change every changeable parts in my old Ford Focus. I was just too stupid to trust them. The first time I went to Kwik Fit, the manager was really good. He too explained everything to me and advise me on things which needed to change and which didn’t need to change. I should have avoided it when the manager wasn’t there the second time I went there.

There are a couple more months to go before I need to do a full service on this car. Should be I go to the dealer or approach the mechanic that my colleague’s recommended to me?

Second day with my car …

I am still not quite getting used to driving Toyota Auris. The interior design makes the car seems bulky and I can’t even see the front of the car no matter how I position myself inside the car. I have to admit that it is wider, though not longer than my old Ford Focus. I no longer have that kind of confidence when it comes to parking. Reverse parking is a lot easier for me when driving Toyota Auris. Eventually, I will get used to it.

As Mee and I are going to the car dealer tomorrow to change one of the brake light bulbs, we have been testing the electronic equipment as well as every single lights just so we don’t have to make yet another trip. By the way, I almost drove into my neighbours gate just now. Well, it sounded serious but actually, it’s not. The reverse gear is just next to the first gear and while I was trying to reverse my car, I was actually on first gear. Hence the close shave. Anyway, I don’t normally accelerate quickly and when the car went forward a little bit, I stopped immediately and reposition the gear. By that gear design, it would have been great if there’s an indicator on the dashboard  to show that the car is on reverse gear or otherwise.

Mee and my plan was to go for a smaller car originally. We ended up with a similar size car, if not wider. Well, in my mind, it’s smaller already as it only has a 1.33 litre engine.

Toyota Auris, my latest car …

I took half a day off today just so I can be at the car dealer and look at the car before making the final payment. The reason that I took half a day off is just so Mee and I can have a look at the car in bright daylight. Initially, we agreed on collecting the car after work but that would be very dark by the time I reached the dealer. The things that he had promised to do, he has kind of done it. He bought the original car paint from Toyota for the stone chip marks and suggested that we apply it once in a while so that they will be levelled eventually. When we got home, I opened the manual book and Toyota actually supplies some stickers specially for stone chip marks. I guess I am going to use the stickers rather than applying the paint. Just before we drove out of the garage, we found out that the windscreen has a little stone chip mark too. Anyway, the dealer told me that I can easily have it fixed by contacting my insurance company. As I am now on comprehensive cover, I can have it fixed for free.

When we started looking for cars, I had already read tons of reviews about Toyota Auris. Hence, it doesn’t really surprise me when I first drove it. Initially, I thought the engine will be underpowered but I think it is alright. While driving it just now, it struggled a bit when going up hill but that might be because I am still quite used to Ford Focus which has a 1.6 litre engine. A gear change later, it was smooth again. On motorway, it cruised happily on sixth gear. The shift indicator has caught Mee’s attention and every now and then, Mee will ask me to change gear because the shift indicator said so. To be honest, I don’t really care that much and it can be quite distracting. Overall, Toyota Auris’ first drive was good though it didn’t grip the road as good as Ford Focus, bearing in mind that my old Ford Focus is 13-year-old.