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TiVo …

Nowadays, it seems like everything is made by Samsung. Our fridge freezer and washing machine are Samsung brand. We almost bought a Samsung TV only for the model that we wanted was out of stock for weeks. When I came home after Virgin Media personnels installed the TV, broadband and telephone services, I found out that the TiVo box is Samsung too. To be honest, I wasn’t very excited with TiVo as we have the TV size M which only has around 60 channels. I think Freeview has more channels. Watching HD will be quite good but then again, there are not many HD channels available for our TV package.

Remember that I said I will probably not be using TiVo for recording. I just recorded a movie the other day. It’s a horror movie and I haven’t got a chance to watch it though. Now that I think about it, it’s actually pretty good since I can record any show and watch it anytime I like. The one feature that it lacks of is the ability to switch channel or set reminder automatically like the old Virgin Media TV set. TiVo can only record and remind at the same time. It’s really odd. Maybe it’s time to read the manual.

We moved! …

We finally moved in on Sunday! Well, there’s some story to it but I won’t go into the detail just yet. Anyway, we have been living in our new house for two nights now. Everything has been great except it’s a mess! There are boxes everywhere and the second room is full with stuffs, well, almost. We did manage to get our room tidy and good for sleep. The bathroom is great too. We think that’s the two most important room to get right for the moment. The kitchen is okay to work with and the lounge is just about right. We are still waiting for the sofa to come but it won’t be for another month or so.

We got Virgin Media to come and setup the broadband, telephone and TV services. We now have a TiVo box which I am not quite sure if I will ever use it to record TV programmes. Everything is connected to the wifi now, even the TV. I just downloaded the Viera Remote app and I can actually control the TV using my iPhone. And I can even share photos to the TV directly using the app. Cool! Well, smart TV has been around for some time now but it’s the first time I own one. Hence, everything is exciting and new to me.

The thing that we have to do now is to manage our finance. We spent over the limit of one of our credit cards. In theory, we can only spend up to the limit but I paid in money in between to keep the credit card on the black. However, my last payment didn’t go through immediately because our spending has exceeded the limit in a month even though there are money going into the balance. Anyway, there are bills to look at soon. At least we managed to keep our Virgin Media low for the next 18 months.

Virgin Media …

Sometimes, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I seem to be very bad with memory. I thought of something to write yesterday but postponed it to today thinking that I would still remember. Now, I have totally forgotten all about it. Anyway, I rang Virgin Media to move my existing account to the new house. I was a little bit cheeky as I selected the account cancelling department instead. I told them that I wanted to leave and waited until the lady over the phone asked the reason. I then told her that I am moving to another place and thought that it would be a good time to change provider as other providers are cheaper than Virgin Media. The next I knew, she offered me a TiVo box and lowered my bills. However, I have to pay for installation charge. I then asked if the activation charge could be waived. She consulted her manager and all she could do is to halve the activation charge.

After everything was agreed, she passed me to the house moving department. Another lady answered and before I spoke anything, she offered to waive the installation charge. I also chose to pay 12 months line rental in advance and that saves me around £60. It was not advertised on Virgin Media website nor it was mentioned by the staff. I stumbled across the savings when Virgin Media sent a brochure to my new house and it was stated in the brochure. Well, at least I can be sure that I won’t get an increase of bills in a year’s time. I think the next time Virgin Media increases my bill, I will just call them straightaway to ask what’s the best deal they can offer.

Virgin Media Offer …

Recently, I received a letter from Virgin Media offering a free trial upgrade of my TV package from size M to M+. The TV package size M was no longer in any of  Virgin Media’s bundles ages ago and I believe that this trial offer is to attract me into upgrading my current size M package. To be honest, Mee and I don’t really feel the need of upgrading to M+ as we haven’t really tuned in to any of the extra TV channels at all. The trial upgrade ends in April and it will just switch back to size M. Eventually, I believe that we will be forced to upgrade anyway and we will be told that Virgin Media no longer offers TV size M.

One thing that stopped us from shopping around for other TV and broadband packages’ service provider is that I quite like Virgin Media’s customer service. As bad as it may be, I think it’s still better than the others. About a year ago, I had a big row with it’s customer service, which I believe stationed in India, and it’s about intermittent broadband service especially during weekend. Weeks after weeks and they offered little support and the technicians just came and fixed it, and it went bad after they left. In the end, someone sensible said that the cable had to be replaced. I was directed to the support team in UK and they gave me a month’s free plus another month for the time when I didn’t get their broadband service.

It’s sorted and a few days later, I received a call from a Virgin Media guy asking if everything was alright. It was a mobile number and the guy told me to save the number and that he is in charge of the Virgin Media customers in my area. If there’s anything wrong in the future, he will be the one to contact. It’s been a year and we didn’t have the need to call him at all, but I wouldn’t know if he is still working for Virgin Media anyway. Oh, I called the customer service a few months ago and upon checking, the customer service guy just said that the modem that we were using was too old and he will be sending a new one. A couple of days later, we received the new modem and problem solved. Somehow, I was really satisfied with that the most recent experience. I was quite keen to try other service provider such as Sky but I don’t really like the use of satellite dish. Well, sooner or later, Mee and I will move out of this place and not every area in Basingstoke can have Virgin Media. We’ll see.

Broadband Speed Test …

A few days ago, I received an email from Virgin Media, informing that my broadband speed has gone up from 10MB to 30MB. I was quite excited as since the beginning of this year, I have already been receiving mails from Virgin Media saying that they will be upgrading my broadband for free. Anyway, after I got that email, I googled for broadband speed test. There are various websites offering free broadband speed test. I tried a few and they all give different speed reading. The lowest speed I got from those tests was about 12MB while the highest was the claimed 30MB.

To be honest, I don’t believe that I am receiving the true 30MB. I don’t feel any much difference from the 10MB speed that I have been getting in the past few years though at times, downloading apps seem to be a lot faster than before. Maybe it’s just not stable yet. In case you don’t know, the MB doesn’t stand for megabytes, it’s actually megabits. If you are thinking that the 30MB broadband speed means that you are transferring 30MB equivalent to the hard disk space, then you are wrong. Do a search on 30 megabits to megabytes and you will find that it’s only 3.75 megabytes.

I have been a Virgin Media customer for almost 5 years now. My broadband package started out at 2MB and then to 10MB and now 30MB. Though they increased the bill by at least £1 a year, I am quite pleased that they keep improving their service instead of just doing nothing for the customer. Just a few months ago, there’s a broadband problem in the area and the customer service just offered to send a new Virgin Media Superhub with not questions asked. My wireless router is already quite old and unstable at times and that offer comes in very handy. The customer service personnel also said that the modem that I had was quite old and may not be receiving the true Virgin Media speed. Hence, the new Virgin Media Superhub should provide me a stable connection and also eliminating the need for an additional wireless router.

Free add-ons keep you wondering

A couple of days ago, I received an email from Virgin Media, my television, broadband and telephone service provider informing me that I am entitled to receive free £6 worth of telephone add-ons. It includes cheaper international calls, cheaper mobile calls and 250 minutes worth of 0845 and 0870 calls. Well, the only add-on that I am interested about is the 250 minutes as calling 0845 numbers can be quite expensive when you have to listen to some music and advertisements before you can actually get hold of someone. Other than that, I don’t make mobile phone calls very often and I use Skype for international calls which works out cheaper. Skype even allows audio conference calls where you can chat with several people at once. I never tried that before and I just thought it would be difficult to hear each other, wouldn’t it? The real big question that I have in mind is whether or not I will be charged in the future once I opted in. Though it’s a little bit late to consider it as I have signed up for it already but I believe that I can still cancel it should I find the terms and conditions a bit dodgy later on.