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Mee and I bought our wedding rings from a shop called Beaverbrooks the Jewellers. Since then, we have also bought several watches from them as they have the best price and seemingly good customer service. There are about 5 -6 jewellers other jewellers in the town centre and I don’t seem to remember going into any of them other than window shopping. Beaverbrooks the Jewellers is like the first shop we will go. Hence, every year, we will receive a mail from them with a mysterious gift card from them with prizes from £25 – £1000 pounds which we can find out by go online and enter the code. We always get £25 pound value of gift card and it’s only valid for a couple of months.

This year though, we received a mail as well as an email with added information such as the slane jewelry and similar items to what we have bought from them before. As usual, I just ignore them as I haven’t got anything to buy. I have lost hope on watches that need batteries and I don’t wear lots of jewellery or blings. I have about 4 watches here that are in need of new batteries and it is so expensive to bring them to watch shop for batteries change. I was once quoted £35 for a battery change for my £85 Emporio Armani watch. That’s almost half the price of the watch! It’s just not worth it, isn’t it?


I have this watch for a few months now and I can’t say that I totally love it. In fact, I bought it because it’s powered by light. And because of that, I don’t ever have to change its battery . By the way, it’s a nice simple watch and doesn’t cost a lot. Before this, I have seriously thought about getting myself an expensive watch. Maybe something like tag heuer aquaracer. But at the end of the day, do I really need such watch? I am not rich and I certainly don’t look at my watch as much as I do compare to when I was younger. I pretty much rely on my mobile phone instead; I suppose most people do so.

Well, if I am earning like a million pounds a year, I will definitely be having a few tag heuers and even Rolexes. Until now, I have to keep it real and lead a much normal life. In fact, with that sort of money for a watch, I will be quite happy to spend it on gadgets. Thinking about the new MacBook Pro with Retina display just makes me drool!

Watches tech

Ever since Mee and I came back from my sister’s place after Christmas and New Year, I must say that I haven’t wore my iPod Nano as watch yet. That’s partly because I had bought a Citizen Eco Drive watch which runs on light energy. It doesn’t require any charging or battery. Well, iPod Nano is cool as a watch but I don’t think it is suitable while travelling. I already have my Macbook Air, iPad and phones to charge and I wouldn’t want to worry about another piece of gadget while travelling.

I have to say, if I had bought this Citizen Eco Drive watch before browsing for iPod Nanos, I might have bought iPod Touch instead. While searching for watches that don’t require batteries, I found that most of them were either ugly or too expensive. It’s the Citizen Eco Drive that’s affordable and looks good that caught my attention. It’s quite a new model and no wonder I didn’t see it. Anyway, I still need an iPod just so I can listen to music while at the gym. I had a Sony MP3 player previously and it had broken like a year ago.

In addition, I recently found out why I can’t wear MP3 player for too long. The in-ear type of ear phone is what causing discomfort to my left ear. The Sony MP3 player that I used had an in-ear noise cancelling ear phone. The ear phone that I use while watching movies in the middle of the night is a JVC in-ear ear phone. Since I bought the iPod Nano which doesn’t come with in-ear ear phone, I could feel the difference immediately. It may not sound as good as but I would rather it be good to my ears.

Christmas soon

No doubt Christmas is fast approaching. Every year, the celebrations seem to get earlier and earlier. Just weeks ago, Christmas trees have already been put up in the town centre. Dozen of retail stores have started decorating and having sales. Very soon, my colleagues will be talking about our yearly Christmas presents where each of us will buy a small gift and put into together into a sack. On our final working day before our Christmas break, we will each draw one out and that will be our Christmas present. I wonder what will be their selection of Christmas gifts for babies as one of my colleagues has got a baby girl and another baby coming soon. My other colleagues might get something for that colleague since it’s Christmas.

Hmm… I don’t think that I ever bought anything for myself during Christmas. Well, I mean something expensive. All I ever got during previous Christmases was clothing. As I mentioned in my previous post, I might get myself an iPod Nano watch. It’s nothing new, it’s just an iPod Nano plus a watch strap. I have done some research for the past few days and most smart watches are either expensive or ugly. I think iPod Nano watch might just do it well for me. To my surprise, Sony Ericsson had developed a series of bluetooth watches a few years ago. However, no one knows why they decided to discontinue it.