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As I am currently working in the web department, we are also in charge of the college’s intranet and homepage. The end of the academic year is approaching, the marketing department now is trying to put up banners and advertisement in order to attract new learners. As the contract with the banner printing company is coming to an end, the marketing department is also trying to find new wholesale vinyl banners providers so that they could compare the types of service as well as the cost. What the marketing department comes up with the design of the banners and advertisement will have to be reflected in the website design too. My manager and I are kind of hoping that there won’t be too much changes to make as we have quite a lot of other things to do. I, on the other hand, have to support my old department every now and then. In theory, I am still not working exactly full time in the web development department.

Web development

I am counting down the days. Less than two days, I will be working in my preferred department. I shouldn’t need to say more about my current department but the new department that I will be working in should bring more excitement and responsibilities. For a start, my new manager would want to take over the intranet and company homepage from the marketing department. Isn’t it odd to have the marketing department hiring a web developer rather than the IT department? I am really excited as working on web is very diverse and a lot more people can see your work. Of course, the responsibilities will be yours too if you do a shoddy job. Anyhow, I don’t think I will publish something which I don’t think it’s up to scratch.

In addition, there’s a possibility that we will be working together with the marketing department and it will be like the good old college days where I organised events which involved in vinyl banners printing as well as leaflets. Working with different departments can bring more buzz to a job. For a start, I will only be working half a day in that department while my current department will try to find my replacement. In fact, the advertisement has already gone out to the public and I have yet to receive my new contract nor have I resigned. I have really got to find out my position on Monday. I don’t want to be in the middle of nowhere out of the sudden. Anyway, although I have done half a day my current job and half a day on web development before, it will still be difficult to really concentrate. Even before, I find it really mind draining and by the time I got home, I just want to have a shower and dinner and then games. However, I still look forward to it and sooner or later, I will be working on web development on a full day basis.

New-ish job

Just to follow up from yesterday’s post. I am glad that there are other gamers who think like myself. They actually commented on one of the reviews by saying that it’s unfair to judge a game based on in-app purchases and that review is misleading. But still, there are a couple with the same mind. Why would someone want to finish off a game that quickly?

Anyway, I am very excited about next week. I will be working half day on my current job and another half day on web development. Yes, I am back in web development and it gives me something to tinker about. To be honest, my current job is still very challenging but I kind of know the ins and outs of it and what I am currently doing is about perfecting things rather than exploring new things. There are still a lot to learn about web development. I may or may not want to pursue a career in web development but it’s certainly add something to my IT skills. As I have already done web development previously, it is also about communicating with people to make the best out of it as well as learning how system works. Once you apply a certain method on a particular system, you can basically apply it anywhere you like. That’s how universal web development can be. Furthermore, I had no one to guide me previously and I am just glad that I have a senior member to teach me.

In the past, the web development was scattered in a couple of departments, marketing and management information system. I am in the management information system and now that there’s the web development team, every web related stuffs will be handled by this web development team which I will be in very soon. Well, that includes the old and not very nice to look at intranet page. It’s still using the old ASP language and the permissions are not very well structured. Just today, I saw an advert from a staff selling church chairs. I mean, is that even allowed? No clear guidelines. I do hope that once I joined the web development team, I can make a difference. In fact, I am quite nervous as well because I have not been doing web development things for months now. A bit rusty I reckon.

Work dilemma …

Ever since Mee and I came back from our long holiday about two weeks ago, my work has been piling up. Well, the very first day at work, I found out that I have a new manager. I have got much opinion about him but he seems like a nice person. We haven’t spent much time together mainly because he has a lot of meetings to go to and he is trying to familiarise himself with our operations. Also, the interim manager is handing over some work to him. Though he isn’t with the team most of the time, we still have quite a lot of things coming directly to us. After all, we have been sort of managing workload half of the time even when we have a manager.

Anyway, my job has been about management information system. A year or two back, I have been tasked to develop websites. Due to a recent restructure, my involvement in web development is getting less and less until today. My manager told me that I will be taking up the web once again just to get some jobs done. I have been to a couple of meetings before, hence, I know what’s coming. Considering that the deadline is in a few months time and they haven’t been able to find a suitable web person, the tasks fall on my shoulder. As to how I shall manage it, it’s easy. As to how my manager will handle it, it’s difficult to say. I am just doing what I am being told and I can only do so much in a day.

I wonder if I should feel happy or sad. At first, when I found out that they are going to hire some web person, I was a bit upset in an angry way as I created the websites from scratch. It’s as though I did the job and then the credit is given to another person. Sometime later, I just thought there is no reason to get upset. Most of the time, the management is only care about getting things done rather than recognising the effort that the staffs put in. So much so for the equality that they keep talking about.